My Top 5 Favorite Jeremy Camp Songs

My Top 5 Favorite Jeremy Camp Songs

Quite a while ago, I reviewed Jeremy Camp's memoir called I Still Believe. I loved the book so much that I bought and gave away three copies. After reading the book, certain songs of his held more meaning because the stories behind them were so moving.Book aside, the number one reason I love Jeremy's work is that there is no doubt who he is singing about. His work is decidedly Christ-centered and I love that. My favorite Christian songs are those that a.) worship Jesus Christ and/or b.) could be prayers. Kind of like the psalms of the Bible (my favorite book of the Bible...probably not a surprise at this point).Today, I'd like to share my favorite Jeremy Camp songs. This is not a countdown at all because I don't think I could pick … [Continue]

Writing That’s Fun for Kids

Writing That's Fun for Kids! |

Writing isn't something that comes naturally for all kids. For some kids, it is down right hard. Whether you have a kid who struggles with a writing disability or just doesn't like to write, making it boring is never going to work. Even kids who like to write, don't like to write boring stuff!One of the things I'd like to work with my kids this year is to learn to like writing a bit more. I've had a mixture of one who struggled to write fluidly and one who can, but just doesn't like to and I'd like to help them both. Writing is a great tool for communication and there are many professions that benefit from being able to write well.Let's try adding some fun to writing and see where that takes us! Writing That's Fun for Kids Create … [Continue]

4 Other Uses for Pizza Dough

4 Ways to Use Pizza Dough...That Aren't Pizza -

Pizza is not the only thing you can make with your pizza dough. There are enough options between creative pizza toppings and these extra options to keep your homemade pizza dough in a weekly meal rotation. Often enough that you will likely memorize the recipe, but not get bored.CalzonesCalzones are delicious. All you do is divide your dough … [Continue]

11 Picture Books About Art

11 Picture Books About Art -

Lots of kids like art. Making art is a pastime that my children love. They like to draw, paint, and sculpt. They are currently enrolled in an art class through our homeschool co-op. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to gain hands-on learning experience with someone who is passionate about art and does it very well himself.I guess that is … [Continue]

Reusable Options for Disposable Household Items

Reusable Options for Household Items -

I've heard it said that we live in a disposable world. So many people are caught up in the buy new cycle that creates a lot of waste. Heck, it's something I fight sometimes. So I know there is some truth to the statement.One of the best things to come out of the "green" movement is the awareness for reusable items that used to be common place, … [Continue]

Free How to Draw Tutorials

40+ Free How to Draw Tutorials - People, animals, flowers, and more -

Art is one of those subjects that seems to intimidate a lot of homeschool moms, that or they simply feel inadequate to teach. A hands-on art class is a fantastic tool, but if you can't afford it or fit it into your schedule, the internet can certainly help.One recommendation before jumping into the free tutorials. If you haven't heard about See … [Continue]

Sunday Psalms – Psalm 113:3

Sunday Psalms - Psalm 113:3 -

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised. - Psalm 113:3 … [Continue]

Books for Duck Dynasty Fans

Books for Duck Dynasty Fans - For All Ages |

We happen to be big Duck Dynasty fans here. We love to laugh and they make us laugh. With the success of Duck Dynasty, there are beards, ducks, and camo everywhere...inlcuding books. I have actually started a collection of Robertson family books.Today, I'm sharing a list of books for other Duck Dynasty fans to consider adding to their wishlist … [Continue]