The Biggest Thing I Struggle With as a Mother

If you sign up for my email list, you will get a welcome email where I ask the question "what is the biggest thing you struggle with as a mom?" I ask because if I can help, I want to. It's what we moms do. We help each other, am I right?I thought it was only fair that I answer the question myself because I value transparency and honesty and all that jazz.The biggest thing I struggle with as a mom is follow through. I am a dreamer, a planner, and a goal setter. I love the big picture and ALL THE POSSIBILITY!! IT'S SO MUCH FUN! The follow through? Yeah, not usually as much fun.I've grown a lot in this area over the years and am currently in another season of really working on it. Another word for it is self-discipline. It happens … [Continue]

Explore Art With Preschoolers: Concept Books

Exploring art with preschoolers - concept books

Art with preschoolers. Does the thought of trying to teach your preschooler art make you cringe? You just know that your preschooler is going to look at your attempts to make art and demand that someone who knows what they are doing teach them? Because you clearly don't know what you are doing.Well maybe not that far, but you do feel far from an art expert. Let me reassure you of something.Art is not a science. It doesn't have to be perfect or even pretty to be art. One of the best ways to remind yourself of this is to simply explore art with your preschooler. You will quickly see that some things are considered art that will even make you feel better about your skills. ;)And since I am a huge fan of the two birds with one … [Continue]

Make Someone’s Day with Happy Mail

Make someone's day with happy mail! Send a letter today!

Over holidays, I received a package from DaySpring that contained some gifts that I had ordered and a little note that said the average person receives something like 12 pieces of personal mail per year. I'd double check the number, but the note was pitched in the holiday chaos. It was a really low number. DaySpring included a free card with the … [Continue]

Puzzles for the Whole Family – A New Family Favorite

Puzzles - A great family tradition to start today.

You know those hobbies from your childhood that you introduce to your kids and they aren't interested? That's how it went introducing my children to puzzles above 50 pieces. While they enjoyed the 24-48 piece puzzles as preschoolers, they did not have any sort of patience for larger puzzles. They had outgrown the smaller puzzles, so they were … [Continue]

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your House

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your House...from an imperfect mom.

Deep cleaning is one of those weirdly satisfying things for me. On the one hand it is deeply satisfying and on the other hand, ew. Kind of like popping a zit...just me? Moving on...Our house has hit one of those, desperate for a good, mama cleaning times. I'm doing my mama duty and training my kids to clean, but they are kids and sometimes take … [Continue]

Picture Book Biographies for Women’s History Month

Picture Books for Women's History Month - A big book list from

Women's History Month is in March. It isn't March, I know. Let me just preface this by saying that I started this list with a HUGE, honkin' stack of books from our library in January. Yes, January. All because I was determined to have a list of picture book biographies for Women's History Month to you at the very beginning of March so you could … [Continue]

Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Simple (I Promise!) Steps to a Healthier Life -

A friend says, "Hey, how are you doing?""I didn't sleep well last night, but I'm good."Another acquaintance asks, "How have you been?"You reply with a genuine smile, "Busy, tired, but who isn't?"You find memes about coffee and caffeine being your daily fuel to be all to relatable. I mean, they are funny, but it kind of concerns you … [Continue]

Books to Help You Teach Art in Your Homeschool Without Any Talent

How to Teach Art in Your Homeschool When You Have No Talent!

There are fewer things as daunting in homeschooling than teaching subjects you are not good at. In my experience, art and math seem to be the two biggest struggles for homeschool parents. I'm not touching on math today, but I think I can help you with the art thing a bit.Art is really a fun subject and one that most kids really get into. Below … [Continue]