Should I Budget for a Homeschool Convention?

Should I Budget for a Homeschool Convention? - one perspective from

Homeschool families around the country are gearing up for the new school year. Some have already started (like our family). Others are taking advantage of the freedom of homeschooling and not starting until after Labor Day. Still others school year round with smaller breaks throughout the year versus a long summer break.You may be excited to use those new books on your shelf or overwhelmed at the costs you are looking at. Today I would like to encourage you to consider one more piece to your homeschool budget. Homeschool conventions.Convention season is still months away so it may seem my timing is odd. I assure you, it's not. Right now you are hopefully excited at the prospects of a brand new year. That's great, it really is. … [Continue]

Ministries Making a Difference Around the World

Ministries Making a Difference Around the World - Together we really can change the world.

One of the reasons I love my church family is their heart for reaching out to help marginalized people. Our missions board organizes an annual International Fair Trade Expo each year. It was there that I learned about many ministries working to make the world a better place for marginalized people across the globe.I've wanted to create an informational post for a long time to highlight ways that everyday people like you and me can have a global impact. The time has come for me to just do it. I started this list with those I knew about and then took to Facebook to ask my friends. They didn't let me down.I'd like to challenge you to read through this list and then turn to prayer to see where God may be leading you to help. Together we … [Continue]

Picture Smart Bible K-3 Curriculum (a Review)

The Picture Smart Bible for K-3: Old Testament - a review from

About Picture Smart Bible The Picture Smart Bible comes from Picture This! Ministries, founded by Dan and Juanene Peters. The goal of the ministry is to "get people into the inspired, dynamic, life-changing word of God, so that God’s word can become implanted in His people." They do this because they believe the Bible is the inspired, only … [Continue]

An Amish Garden (a Review)

An Amish Garden - A 4 novella collection. Looking for some easy summer reading? Read my review to see if it's for you at

Summer Reading With Tricia Goyer A couple months ago, I came across a summer reading initiative for author Tricia Goyer's work. In exchange for reviews, I would receive some books for free. I chose three books for a few reasons.One, I was getting serious about including more reading in my days and that fit well with the overall vision of the … [Continue]

My Summer Reading List Plus Other Resources

My Summer Reading List Plus Resources

Summer reading is in full swing around here. Today I am going to share some summer reading resources along with my summer reading list. Let's dig in!Every new year, I make a list of books I want to read in that year. Some years I read them all, others I barely finish one. The last couple years have been like the latter. I've been so busy with … [Continue]

How to Write Acrostic Poetry With Kids

Simple Acrostic Poetry with Kids

April is National Poetry Month and we've celebrated by reading poetry books so far. I decided to take it a step further and try writing some poetry. We are starting with acrostic poems and I'll tell you more about that in a minute, but first I want to talk about this project.I've partnered with Carla of Preschool Powol Packets as she has … [Continue]

12 Books About Gardening for Kids

12 Books About Gardening For Kids on

Gardening is kind of a big deal around here. We work to make it work every year. Our kids are getting older and are more of a help with the maintenance a garden requires. They actually love to water the plants and work along side us...usually.This week for our alphabet activities, we read books about gardening. I'm going to share the picture … [Continue]

Why Should I Bother With a Garden? – 5 Quick Reasons

Why Should I Bother With a Garden? 5 Quick Reasons to Grow a Garden on

Maybe I should have started the Beginner's Guide to Gardening series with this post. I've written some form of this post no less than three times in various places so I sometimes forget that I may have not written it here. Forgive me? Thanks, you're the best.We've been gardening for years and the romanticism of gardening has worn off. We know … [Continue]