Preparing for Homeschooling Middle School and Beyond

Preparing for Homeschooling Middle School & Beyond

If it tells you anything about how much I was stressing over homeschooling beyond elementary school, I started this post in 2014. My oldest was entering 6th grade and I was kind of panicking because, well, middle school is right before high school and high school is slightly (very) intimidating to me.At least, it was at the time. I'm not so much intimidated by it now. I'm pretty excited at the idea of walking through that with my kids. I still have time to research so I'm good. Ask me again in a year or so and let's pray I'll be the same...Preparing for Homeschooling Middle School Resources I decided that since I found the thought of homeschooling middle school to be intimidating, others might be in the same boat. So today I am … [Continue]

Washi Tape Bookmarks – Easy Craft for All Ages

Washi Tape Bookmarks - Easy craft for all ages!

When I was titling this post, I almost made it easy kid craft, but the truth is, this craft is for everyone. I made several myself, one of which I will share below. The others were another style that I will share another time.Washi Tape Bookmarks You will need:plain bookmarks or cardstock cut to size washi tape stickers laminator pouches laminatorThe laminator pouches and laminator are optional, but super helpful in preserving your craft. In our case, it protects our bookmarks from being dismantled by a curious preschooler.I bought blank bookmarks from Hobby Lobby for this project. If you want to use a different, non-typical size for your bookmark, then simply use whatever color cardstock you want and cut it to … [Continue]

Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Bread Recipe

This delicious bread combines two fall favorites - apples and pumpkin! One day I asked my husband what he thought about me putting apples in our pumpkin bread instead of raisins. A few recipe tweaks later, I had a new sweet bread recipe that we all loved.This bread is a rather moist bread. You will want to let it cool completely before cutting … [Continue]

Biographical Series for Tween Girls

Biographical Series for Tween Girls

This is the final post in the books for tween girls miniseries. Be sure to see the books series for tween girls and classic book series for tween girls posts for a plethora of reading options for tween girls.I am ending the miniseries with some biographical chapter books for inspiration and encouragement. I personally believe that the more … [Continue]

Classic Book Series for Tween Girls

Classic Book Series for Tween Girls - A big list of ideas for girls 9-12.

Previously, I shared the huge list of contemporary book series for tween girls. This post will focus on classic book series for tween girls. These are books that have stood the test of time and still bring joy to readers.You'll notice that not all of them are what you might consider a classic like Chronicles of Narnia and Anne of Green Gables. … [Continue]

Book Series for Tween Girls – Contemporary

Book Series for Tween Girls - Contemporary fiction

I have learned that not all girls are avid readers, which is something this avid reader girl just simply can NOT relate to. But, alas, my oldest daughter is not a reader. In fact, just recently she told me that she absolutely hates to read. My mouth literally fell open, which she found hilarious.However, my younger daughter I can relate to in … [Continue]

Food Ideas for a Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party

Has Frozen fever left your house? For the most part, it has at ours. At its peak, our little guy wanted to watch it every single day. And he got to more often than I would like to admit. I really liked the movie, too. So many funny quips in that one.When it came time to have our little guy's 3rd birthday, it was very clear that he would LOVE an … [Continue]

Bird Unit Study for Preschool

A fun bird unit study for preschool age kids!

I can hardly believe that I'm actually looking into preschool homeschooling again. Our youngest child is three and he is our most active child yet. I am looking forward to lots of fun with this guy.I'm one of those homeschool moms that likes to make a big plan and then pick and choose what I do as the days go. I like to have options. And … [Continue]