The Ultimate Guide to Crafting with Socks

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting with Socks from

The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Supplies

I am happy to be partnering with 50 other bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Guide to Craft Supplies. Each blogger has taken a craft supply and created a guide for crafting with that supply. The project started on January 1st with Craftulate’s guide of Googly Eyes.

A sample of the guides you won’t want to miss:

You can see the entire list on The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials!

I chose socks. This may seem odd, but once you see some of the cute things you can do with them, you’ll love it! I have rounded up over 40 craft ideas to put those mate-less socks to use. Or those super cute holiday socks that you found on clearance for 10 cents.

These crafts can be made with kids, but there is a wide range of skills required. I aimed to make this a guide you can return to again and again.

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting with Socks

Toys Made from Socks

Stuffed Animal Sock Toys

Sock Puppets

Gift Ideas

  • Soapy the Sock Fish – This cutie would make a cute addition to a baby shower gift.
  • How to Make a Sock Bouquet – You can make this for any occasion or holiday, for any age. A cute practical alternative when real flowers wouldn’t work.
  • Can Cozy – A handy gift for someone who drinks a lot of canned beverages.
  • Lavender Rice Compress – For those stress-filled days.
  • Diaper Babies – Have fun making a basket of these with your kids the next time you need a baby shower gift. Or consider donating it to your local pregnancy care center to brighten someone’s day.

Socks for Decor

Clothing & Accessories Crafts with Socks

Holiday & Seasonal Sock Crafts

Other Sock Craft Ideas

  • Baby Sock Cat Toy – Make a simple toy that will drive your cat crazy. Very easy project.

MORE Sock Crafts!

You can follow my Pinterest board for sock crafting fun – Crafting With Socks

Crafting with Socks (a Pinterest board)

I would like to invite all my blogging friends to link up any sock crafts that they may have on their blog. Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us!

5 Super Simple Last Minute Valentine’s Day Activities

5 Super Simple Last Minute Valentine's Day Activities for Kids from

Did you realize that Valentine’s Day is this coming Friday? If my kids weren’t constantly reminding me to sign up for our homeschool group’s party, I might have forgotten. I’m not much on holidays, aside from Thanksgiving and December.

I’ve been working on some things around here and in the process I rounded up a few super simple activities to try with my kids this week. I thought I’d share them with you, too. And tomorrow, you are getting my first C post (I’m really rocking this routine, aren’t I? <insert eyeroll here>).

Most of these came from my fellow Kid Blogger Network bloggers. You should see those Pinterest boards! No, really, go look. And then look at this board, too. You’re welcome.

Simple Valentine's Day Art Project from This Sweet Life of Mine

Simple Valentine’s Day Art Project from This Sweet Life of Mine

Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids from One Perfect Day

Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Craft from One Perfect Day

Simple Valentine's Day Heart Craft for Kids from Inspiration Laboratories

Simple Valentine’s Day Heart Craft for Kids from Inspiration Laboratories

Fine Motor Valentine's Day Painting from Learn Play Imagine

Fine Motor Valentine’s Day Painting from Learn Play Imagine

The blog Hogar-Mujer has these really cute heart bookmarks that are easy to make, but the blog is in a foreign language so I don’t know if I have permission to share one of their photos or not. So, you will just have to head over and see the photo tutorial for yourself.

This final one may not qualify as “super simple” so I am just including it here as a bonus. I am hoping to have some puffy paint left to make these DIY window clings from The Connections We Share.