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I bought these carnations to add some beauty to our table when we had some friends coming over for lunch. They lasted a full two weeks before they started to wilt. The thing is, I really liked the way they looked when they wilted, so they are still on my kitchen windowsill. Best $2 I’ve spent in a while.

I thought I would share the beauty.

Lightning Round Two…Sort of

Last week we had a couple storms roll through that had major lightning. One was around midnight and I just did not have the energy to get out of bed to capture it. The next one blew in in the middle of the day. I grabbed my camera and shot over 700 frames before the sky opened up and dumped very. cold. rain on me. For the record, I had taken the camera back inside already and was closing up barn doors and chicken coops. Everyone was fine.

I almost didn’t unload them from the camera because I thought I had nothing, but I was glad I did when I found this gem:

I do believe I have discovered a new obsession.

You can see my previous shots here.

Photographing Lightning is Fun!

Last night my husband walked past our back door and saw this:

1/30 second f2.8 ISO 1400

In addition to lovely clouds, we had a lightening storm all around. I’ve always wanted (and tried several times) to get photos of lightening. Never could do it.

Last night I grabbed the tripod and started trying to get some shots. Setting the camera to Auto mode gave me a shot that was like grainy daylight:

1/4 second f1.8 ISO 1600

Not exactly producing stellar results. So I switched to manual, closed the aperture down to f10.0 and slowed the shutter speed way down to 5 seconds. I didn’t set the ISO (mostly because I forget about that setting) and it was set at 400 from previous shooting.

Then, I just kept clicking hoping for a “lucky” shot. This was the first shot that made me squeal:

5 seconds f10.0 ISO 400

After that I didn’t mess too much with the settings, just kept snapping.

5 seconds f10.0 ISO 400

5 seconds f10.0 ISO 400

I wish I was positioned better for this one, the lightening bolts were AWESOME, but the lit up cloud is pretty, too.

5 seconds f10.0 ISO 400

After 80 shots, I had these 6, plus 3 other cloud shots that were decent. I was ecstatic, which is nice considering the last few times I’ve picked up my camera, I’ve set it back down without taking a single shot.

All that was done for editing on these shots was some cropping & resizing, that is about the extent of my Photoshopping most of the time. I tried learning all the different, awesome tools in PSE 8, but found I would just rather get it right in the camera than mess with it after. So it’s been a long haul with lots of cruddy photos and a few gems, but worth it to me.

What is something you’ve always wanted to take a good photo of?

Around My Yard In Photos






All photos taken Sunday, May 22, 2011.

9 Things I’ve Learned About Photography & Myself


1.  I like photography.


2.  I like real life photography.


3.  I love crisp, clear snapshots of life with my family, my children.

Pearly Whites

4.  I love LOTS of photos


5.  I love shooting things that stand still. Like flowers, spider webs and mushrooms.


6.  I LOVE shooting wide open! And I know what that means now!


7.  Playing with light is super fun!


8. I enjoy playing with SLOW shutter speeds and want to do more of that. Soon.

First Intentional Blooms

9. I really, really like shooting flowers. Like, really.

Flowers for My Mama





Last year I took two photos of my Mom’s daffodils. Then that night a storm came through and the daffodils were no more. They remain two of my favorite shots and I’ve wanted to get some more.

This past weekend I noticed Mom’s daffodils had bloomed, this year rather profusely. Again storms were predicted so I made the point to go take some photos. This year I was shooting with my 50mm 1.8, aka the Nifty Fifty.


I’m mostly shooting manual these days! These were all shot manual with only one adjustment in Photoshop Elements before resizing/adding text! I’m feeling pretty comfortable with manual. I’m still working on the manual focusing. I’m only focusing manual, except in action shots, so I’m slowly getting better. Probably due to the sheer number of photos I take to make sure I get a clear shot.

So, Mom, here are your daffodils. If I knew how to ship them and have them remain viable, I’d do it. Unfortunately, I do not. I love you.

Shooting Manual – Light on a Chair


Andrew picked a pair of these chairs out. I liked them, but not to the extent that Andrew loved them. In this light though, I’m in love with them.

This is the chair I sit in to read my Bible and pray each morning (well, preferably morning, sometimes afternoon, rarely evening). It has become a favorite spot.