Story Prompts to Encourage Creative Writing

20 Prompts to Encourage Creative Writing for Kids -

You can probably imaging that I like to write. I kind of love it, in fact, but I know not everyone does. Some kids are reluctant to write, they can't seem to make a connection with what's in their imagination to their hand to put it on paper. Some draw a blank when a blank piece of paper is put in front of them.Some just think it is … [Continue]

How to Make Your Own Pizza Dough + 20 Ways to Top It!

How to Make Your Own Pizza Dough Plus 20 Ways to Top It!

For a long time, we had pizza weekly. Sometimes even twice because we would have homemade pizza one night and then have pizza when we did our Costco shopping. While Costco pizza is a super good buy, it is still cheaper to make your own.Especially if you are picking up your ingredients at Costco. Which I do.We kind of got burned out on … [Continue]

Facebook Resources for Homeschoolers

Facebook Resources for Homeschoolers|

Facebook has three distinct sections┬áthat homeschoolers can use to their advantage: profiles, pages, and groups. A brief description:Profiles - This is what you create when you sign up for Facebook, profiles are for people. You have to send a friend request to connect your profile with someone else's or vice versa. You control the privacy … [Continue]

38 Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home

38 Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home |

My sewing tutorial posts are consistently the most popular posts. It's been a while since I have made one so it feels like I'm due. This free sewing tutorials round-up features tutorials and patterns for the home. So let's get started! Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home Curtains & ValancesPatchwork Curtain No Sew Shabby Chic Rag … [Continue]

Homeschool Resources on Pinterest – Organized by Subject

Homeschool Resources on Pinterest - Over 75 boards organized by subject!

It's no secret. I love Pinterest.But before we get started with this post, I want to say this: if you are struggling with comparison or guilt over things you see on Pinterest or blogs, please read the post I wrote just for you. If you are wondering what Pinterest has to do with homeschooling, please read this post.Pinterest is such a great … [Continue]

Sunday Psalms – Psalm 104:13

Sunday Psalms - Psalm 104:13

He watereth the hills from his chambers: the earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works. - Psalm 104:13 … [Continue]

7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential

7 Reasons 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential by Zan Tyler Rocks!

Have you ever read a book that was just what you needed in that season of life? This book was that for me.Back in May 2014, I attended the 2:1 blogging conference in Chicago. I had a fantastic time meeting bloggers and being encouraged in blogging, homeschooling, and parenting with purpose by the speakers.One of my favorite parts was … [Continue]

Raising Independent Learners

Raising Independent Learners -

One of the most important goals we have in our homeschool is to raise independent learners. I will not be there to hold their hands through everything their whole life. This is why my educational philosophy lies heavily in the "teach them how to think, not what to think" category.We are in the throes of raising our kids. I don't have packaged … [Continue]