Frugal Family Dinners – Beans

Frugal Family Dinners - Beans - 40+ recipes to help stretch your food budget.

You can't not think of beans when you think of frugal family dinners. Dry beans are very economical, even organic ones. It's a great way to save money on feeding your family.The PROBLEM with beans, for me anyways, is that I can never think of how to actually fix them. I'm sort of on a mission to whittle down our food costs and I want to take … [Continue]

Sewing Tutorials for Boys

Sewing Tutorials for Boys from

Sewing is a great skill for both boys and girls, so I hunted down some sewing tutorials for boys. Most sewing tutorials you can find are for women, girls, and babies. Since I have a boy, I thought finding him some more boy-ish sewing tutorials would be a good thing.Just a couple notes: these are sewing tutorials for boys to sew, but I'm sure … [Continue]

Printable Household Planners

45 Printable Household Planners |

Printable household planners can be a lifesaver. Keeping up with the organization of a household can feel overwhelming at times. There are things that need cleaned, meals that need cooked, activities that need to be attended, and holidays to plan. It's a lot, yo.If you are anything like me, digital planners and the like are fine and dandy, but … [Continue]

How to Save Money for Christmas With No Extra Money

How to Save Money for Christmas When You Have No Extra Money |

Do you find yourself scrambling every November or December trying to figure out how to pay for Christmas? Do you find yourself wondering how to save money for Christmas when you have no extra money?There is a lot of wisdom in scaling back to only the necessities, giving gifts that don't cost anything, and focusing on important elements of … [Continue]

5 Ways to Use Target’s Dollar Spot Items

5 Ways to Use Items from Target's Dollar Spot -

I am a sucker for Target's Dollar Spot. I am downright giddy if I happen to catch it when they are clearancing out items. I've picked up little board books for 25 cents when that happened! Since I love a good little round up, today I am sharing 5 ways to use Target's Dollar Spot.Oh, and the last giveaway for this week is tagging along on the … [Continue]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Lilla Rose Things + Another Giveaway

These are a Few of My Favorite Lilla Rose Things |

You may be noticing a theme this week. I haven't done a good giveaway series since the 12 Days of Christmas in July two years ago now. So when the opportunity to give you all the chance to win some BIG prizes, I jumped on it. I love the blessings that giveaways can be.Today I am sharing a few of my favorite Lilla Rose items and then there is a … [Continue]

5 Good Reads On Organization

5 Good Reads on Organization - Simply Vicki

Organization is one of those things I often struggle with. I love the process. In fact, that is just about my favorite part of anything, the planning process. Brainstorming, creating systems, setting goals...I love all of it.It's the follow through that I struggle with.Never the less, I press on! I read all I can about homemaking, cleaning … [Continue]

What I’m Reading & A Giveaway!

What I'm Reading

I never got around to posting my 2015 to read list. Heck, I didn't even get around to writing it this year. So today I thought I would share what I'm reading so you could check it out and maybe get some inspiration for your reading list.Oh, and I'm participating in a rather large Amazon gift card giveaway, so you will want to check that out at … [Continue]