10 Days of One Word – What’s That?

10 Days of One Word 2012

Everyone knows that new year’s resolutions are widely-viewed as pointless because no one bothers keeping them. Goals are not viewed much better. It doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks though. If you want to make resolutions, do it. If you want to set goals, do it. Just make sure you set yourself up for success. One way to do that is to focus your efforts. Enter One Word.

Three years ago, I thought I was being original and named 2010 the Year of Change. Apparently, lots of other people do this. Ah, well. Doesn’t really matter whose idea it was, what matters is it works for a lot of people. Kind of like setting goals and resolutions.

What I like about One Word:

  • it forces me to focus
  • it is simple
  • it sets a tone for the year
  • it works really well with goal-setting
  • it is flexible

So, ladies and gentlemen, this brings us to the very first “10 Days of” post series here at the Vicki Arnold blog. *cue fanfare*

Allow me to introduce the rest of the cast of posts:

You’re on pins and needles, right?! You should be. These posts will share ideas to inspire your One Word (notice how I’m assuming you’re picking one), scriptures to focus on, and definitions to help you dig deeper. And for good measure, we’ll be talking about how to USE your word to conquer 2013 however you see fit.

To get a feel for this, please check out my previous posts on naming your year:

Tomorrow, we start things off with part one of the God-centered One Word posts. See you then!

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