3 in 30 – August Goals


As I mentioned in the previous post today…two posts in one day, I better pace myself…I am participating in 3 in 30 again for August. It seems that the morning sickness is actually behind me this time and the time feels right. I have much to accomplish.

1.  Return to my daily prayer and Bible time.

2.  Get my two homeschool co-op class lesson plans finalized.

3.  Get three frugal posts researched, written, photographed and published.

What do you hope to accomplish this August?

3in30 Challenge

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  1. Oh, being pregnant this time of year (at least here in Texas, not sure where you are) would be enough to have me refusing to do anything, let alone making goals for the month! Lol. I’m glad your morning sickness is passing – those days were always so rough! Love the look of your blog, by the way… it’s so cheerful!