3 in 30 October 2011 – Week One


1.  No t.v. month – This is going very well. I’ve only heard “Mommy, can I watch a movie?” a handful of times (mostly from the 5-year-old) and have had no complaining. I have only regretted not making an exception to this goal is when I realized that Fast Five was coming out on DVD this week. Ah well, it will still be there next month. We have had great weather this week, so that has probably helped.

2.  Make progress on our food goals – Eh. We are doing well with more veggies. The only issue I have with this goal is that I feel like I’m spending my entire day in the kitchen (and the rest of the house showed it). As far as cutting sugar, I *think* we are doing better, but I did make cookies yesterday and made a coffee cake earlier in the week (which was a bomb of a recipe & we only ate 1/2 of it), but we didn’t make any ice cream runs or last minute picks ups for treats. Overall, we are making progress with this one, it’s just going to be slower than I had hoped.

3.  Be a better mom – I still have yet to write the post explaining this, but I will this week. I need to gather my notes that led to me making this goal. This week was a good week for this, I managed myself pretty well. I didn’t lose my temper and we all worked well together on a couple projects. Also, the last two Saturdays, my children have helped me clean house and been an actual help. This really comes down to me remembering to be patient to explain the job thoroughly, letting them do the best they can and remembering that there are certain “chores” they enjoy doing.

I’m pretty happy with the way my week went in regards to my goals. How was your week?

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  1. Great job!! These are all huge goals…
    No TV AND huge dietary changes? Whoa.
    And you guys are doing awesome!

    Progress is everything — the steps you have taken toward your food goals are impressive!!

    Keep up the great work!
    (And I am interested to read your explanation of #3 . .. similar heart things happening in me, with more focus and better communication as well… yay for those succesful moments, right?)


    • Thank you for the encouragement! Hope your little guy is feeling better this week and you have a week full of Sunday nights. 😉