3 in 30 – September and October


So I never got around to sharing what my 3 goals were for September. However, I did actually work on them, which I think is the whole point. Here are my goals along with a summary of how they went.

1.  Daily Bible and prayer time (with the additional goal of finishing the book of Isaiah) – In August, I averaged two times per week, not exactly an accomplished goal. In September, I actually made progress with reading my Bible about 4-5 days out of the week, but only had a set aside prayer time 2-4 days of the week. Not daily, but I am happy with the progress AND I finished Isaiah this morning! I’m calling this one a win.

2.  Get back on track with housework & schoolwork – As far as schoolwork goes, we weren’t really that far off, I just had one who was lagging behind. This child wasn’t struggling, just procrastinating like mama. Basically, we didn’t get back on track so much as I changed tracks for somethings. Changes made, moving on. As for housework, well, let’s just say it is something I’m still working on. It is often the first thing to go when I get busy, overwhelmed or sick. Then I’m left trying to reclaim the peace, which is where I am now. I’m calling this a tie, because I can.

3. Get outside/garden prepared for fall. – This was a big fail. The weather really worked against me here. We’ve had the rainiest year (actually, the second wettest on record so far) and it made working out in the garden ridiculously difficult. We did get a few things done, but the majority will be happening in October. I did manage to plant more beets and chives. So there’s that.

Overall, September was epically mediocre (ha). One of these months, I’m going to have a 100% success rate with my goals. Which brings us to October’s goals:

1.  No t.v. month – We’re heading into cooler weather and I want to start training my kids to seek out better things to do with their indoor time. As it stands now, they default to a movie (courtesy of more movie watching while pregnant mama rested). On one hand this will make it easier to keep up with their things, when they watch television they tend to drag out lots of things to forget to put away. On the other hand, it significantly increases the volume of our home. I’m coupling this goal with a new incentive “system” for them. My children are motivated by money and we are wanting to start teaching them wise money management skills, which they will need money for. So it is a win-win situation for us.

2.  Make progress on our food goals – I’ve been researching the GAPS Diet for a while now and we were going to give it a go, until I did the first shopping trip for it. Ha, not working for us right now. However, we are still wanting to transition to a diet with less sugar, grains and starches; and more veggies. Basically we are wanting to cut the crap once and for all. As the main cook and grocery shopper in the house, most of this falls on me and when I feel bad, we tend to eat more junk, convenience food and/or fast food. I’m wanting to stop this because I know all it does is make me feel worse in the end.

3.  Be a better mom – This really is a post of its own, especially since I would probably double the current 567 word count of this post by explaining. Basically, I’ve hit the next stage in my “wanting more” from my parenting. I will explain, I promise.

I also have some blogging, photography and general creative goals for October, but I’ll end this post here. 😉 Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. It was fun to read about your September goals and the ones you have picked out for October. I’m looking forward to following your progress this month–especially curious about the better parent one!

  2. These are great! I’m ready to read your parenting post too!! 🙂

    And I envy that rain your getting!! We are in one of the driest times we’ve ever had. It’s so sad to see how low all the lakes, rivers, and ponds are.

    Looking forward to hearing how this month’s go! 🙂

    • Thanks! I am trying to remember to be thankful for the rain, last year we had drought. It’s just crazy, our tomato plants just fell over, the ground was so loose.

  3. Great goals! I would love to have a no tv month, but I don’t think I would ever be able to convince my husband. lol Maybe we can try a week. 🙂 Good luck this month!

    • A week would be a great place to start. We don’t use the tv much ourselves, but I do depend on it too much to keep things quiet when I need quiet. My kids are old enough now I think they should be able to be trained to simply choose a quiet activity when needed. Of course, hindsight says I should have worked on this a long while ago. 😉 And thank you for your comment!

  4. Good luck with those great goals!