5 Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

When it comes to the holidays, spending time with family starts to take center stage. Sure, we love spending time with our kids year-round, but it seems this time of the year is when people really focus on making memories. And that is a great thing!

I am a part of several blogging networks that are full of wonderful bloggers, one of the most active and generous networks is Kid Blogger Network. It truly is a community of bloggers, where “big” and “small” bloggers share what they know and work together to build each other up.

Today I am happy to be working with a group of these bloggers to bring you a super giveaway, but first, I want to talk to you about holiday activities. Specifically, holiday activities for the whole family. Let’s do this!

Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

You can choose one or do them all. Invite grandparents to get involved or stick to those in your household. Memories will be made. Memories can be messy, so you might want to brace yourself for that if you are like me.

Bake Cookies & Other Goodies

Baking cookies is a great way to spend a cozy afternoon at home. It can be a quiet affair or you can crank up the Christmas music and dance it out. It’s all up to you. Here are some helpful resources for baking with the whole family to check out:

Read Themed Books Together

Reading together is a great activity for the whole family all year long. It promotes literacy and can have a life-long impact on your kids. If you have trouble fitting it in, just remember 15 minutes is enough to make a difference and you can fit that in to your day in a variety of ways.

Serve Others Together

Any time you can take the focus off of self and focus on others, do it. We are naturally self-centered and it is really easy to get wrapped up in that. This time of year is hard for a lot of people. Consider looking into some ways you can serve others as a family this holiday season to make it a little brighter for someone else.

Make Ornaments Or Other Decorations

Decorate your tree with homemade ornaments. Or if that makes your OCD a little crazy, create a special display on the mantel or somewhere similar.

Take In The Sites Together

Does your town have a special Christmas display? Take the time to go see that or simply drive around your neighborhood and hunt for Christmas light displays. You can also take part in this by making sure to decorate your house outside this holiday season. These lights spread joy to kids, a great thing to do!

More Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

KBN bloggers have some of the best activities out there. You can check out what other great resources were put together for this by checking out the links below!

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  1. Thanks so much for including our Baking with Kids post! This looks like such a great resource for the holidays. Pinned and sharing on FB. Best, Sue

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my books post. Love this! We make Christmas cookies together every year, something I’ve passed on from my own childhood.