61 Free Maternity Sewing Tutorials

Maternity clothes can be hard to find, at least they were for me and my friends who did not want to spend a fortune. Since there are quite a few free maternity sewing tutorials floating around, I thought some DIY-minded women would appreciate a round-up of free sewing tutorials for maternity clothes and accessories.

61 Free Maternity Sewing Tutorials - A sewing tutorial round-up post.

I am also including tutorials for nursing clothing as well. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend looking into breastfeeding. My friend Trisha has a site called Breastfeeding Place with lots of information for you.

A lot of these take regular clothes and turn them into maternity clothes. If you don’t want to turn your regular wardrobe into a maternity only wardrobe, check thrift stores, Salvation Army, or Goodwill stores. You can find clothes inexpensively to modify.

Happy sewing!

Maternity Accessories

  • DIY Contoured Maternity Pillow from Homemade Toast – Designed to help a pregnant woman sleep. Need I say more?
  • Hospital gown by Design Fix – This is a modification of this free pattern. Help a tired new mama feel a little prettier than the standard hospital gown.
  • How to sew a belly band by DIY Maternity – Help your standard clothes last a little longer with this accessory.
  • Lace trimmed maternity belly bands from Made by Me & Shared with You – A fancier version of the belly band.
  • Ruffled belly band tutorial from See Kate Sew – A super cute version of the belly band.
  • Nursing sleep bra also from Made by Me & Shared with You – I had a few of these when my youngest was born and they were such a game changer. So comfortable and made night time nursing much easier.
  • DIY breastfeeding infinity scarf by Diary of a Mad Crafter – Trendy and practical? Yes, please.
  • No sew nursing top solution from DIY Maternity – This doesn’t seem to work for everyone. If you use a $2 cami from Walmart to try it out, you may find a new favorite nursing accessory or only be out $2 if you don’t.
  • How to make nursing pads from DIY Maternity – Disposable nursing pads are expensive, try some reusable ones to save some money.
  • 15 Minute Nursing Cover from Clarks Condensed – A super simple pattern that gives you a nursing cover that covers your front and your back.
  • Make your own nursing cami from The Jenson Jaunts – Another DIY nursing clothes option.
  • Maternity bow belt from See Kate Sew – This faux belt gives some definition to your shirts.
  • DIY Nursing Bra Hack from Keeping Up With Us Jones’ – I’m not sure how easy to use the closure is, but nursing bras are expensive and making do with what you have is what you have to do sometimes.
  • DIY Pumping Bra from Pretty Providence – This is a no-sew tutorial that only takes minutes.

Maternity Dresses

  • Slouchy T-Shirt Hospital Dress from Merrick’s Art – This simple pattern gives you a super comfortable option for those first few days…months…when comfort is what it is all about.
  • Two piece knit wrap nursing dress from Made by Me & Shared with You – This dress goes from maternity dress to nursing dress.
  • Make mommy happy 30 minute dress from Keeps Me in Stitches – Designed to pull together quickly, this dress tutorial does use a serger.
  • Turn about the room dress from Mad Mim at DIY Maternity – This step by step tutorial features lots of photos so you can easily see what you are supposed to be doing. The result is a super cute dress that rivals anything you could find in a store.
  • Make a sundress from A Beautiful Mess – Using pre-smocked fabric, this is about the easiest dress tutorial you can find.
  • Make a wrap dress from A Beautiful Mess – This dress reminds me of a Greek goddess statue. If you are looking for a maxi length dress, this is one for you.
  • Maternity or non maternity tapered dress by Cotton & Curls – This dress has a fun hi-low hemline, especially when used as a maternity dress, and a cute collar.
  • The perfect maternity dress revamped by Do It Yourself Divas – Using a t-shirt for the top, this dress cost the maker only $6!
  • Empire waist dress by The Cottage Home – Another option that starts with a t-shirt and knit fabric. A well done tutorial with lots of photos.
  • Tiered dress from The Sewing Rabbit – The link to the pattern/tutorial Google document is a little hard to see, but it is there beneath the second picture.
  • Birthday Kimono Dress from Elle Apparel – A flowing, forgiving dress.

Maternity Skirts

Maternity Shirts

Maternity Pants

Maternity Shorts

  • DIY maternity clothes from Sew Like My Mom – She took a pair of shorts that were too snug to button anymore and turned them into maternity shorts.
  • Maternity Shorts from Melly Sews – A free pattern is included to make these cute shorts.

Maternity Outerwear

  • How to make a wrap cardigan from DIY Maternity – This is a cute cardigan that can be worn post-baby, too.
  • Maternity Winter Coat from DIY Maternity – Another link that is not exactly a tutorial, but she does tell what pattern she used for the coat and what alterations she made to make it maternity. It is also the only maternity winter coat I could find.

Maternity Swimwear

Another Maternity Sewing Tutorial

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Free sewing tutorials and patterns for maternity - over 50 tutorials!

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