69 Free Sewing Tutorials for Skirts!

A roundup of 69 free skirt tutorials for some sewing DIY fun!

Last time I brought you dresses for women. This time, I am bringing you a round-up of free skirt tutorials I have collected from around the web. I am organizing the list for easier reference this time because there are around eleventy thousand skirt tutorials or patterns out there. Give or take a few.

In case you wonder why my tutorial round-ups do not include photos of every skirt, I will tell you. Photos on the internet/blogs are not copyright free. They belong to the website owner/blogger. I only use a few photos from blogs that specifically state that I can do so OR I will email and ask the blogger if I can use their photo in a feature. So while including a photo of every tutorial would be great, I simply do not have the time to contact each blogger individually to do it the right way. I do hope you understand.

Maxi Skirt Tutorials

Skirt Tutorials for Knit Fabrics

Skirt Tutorials for Woven Fabrics

Skirt Tutorials for Specialty Fabrics

Maternity Skirts

Skirt Refashions

Skirt Accessories

  • Extender Slip :: iCandy Handmade – Add this lacy detail under any too short skirt.
  • Petticoat Tutorial :: Alisa Burke – This can be worn as a skirt on it’s own or used as a petticoat under a dress or skirt.

Skirts for Girls

There are 69 tutorials to get you started. Once you make your way through the list, hop over to my DIY :: Sewing Stuff board to see what other goodness I have pinned!

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  1. Very nice selection of tutorials.

  2. Thanks for adding my skirt tutorial in your round-up!

  3. I love this! Such a nice way to do a round up post. I just need to find the time to sew up some of these.

  4. Thanks for including my No Sew Simple Skirt- I’ll certainly be trying out a few of the other tutorials you shared!

  5. Thank you so much for the shout outs!! What a great round-up!

  6. Wow! Great tutorials!

  7. Dear Vicki, thank you very much for this collection of patterns! You made my research all the more easy. From Ottawa, thanks again!

  8. What a great list! I really needed this the other day with my daughter! I am bookmarking now 🙂


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