9 Random Bits from Today


1.  “It’s magical, it will make you dead.” – 5-year-old to her brother.

2.  If you saw the many totes in my laundry room and wondered what was in it, fabric would be correct most of the time.

3.  I bought almost 50 yards of fabric this past weekend and spent less than $100. I love Joanns’ after-Thanksgiving sales.

4.  This past weekend was one of the most refreshing weekends I’ve had in a long time.

5.  Running hot water is highly underrated.

6.  My 5-year-old daughter has approximately 40 million pairs of pajamas while my 9-year-old daughter has 3.

7.  “Ah, you’re dead.” – my son to his little sister. “I’m SPECIAL,” was her response.

8.  Bills are infinitely less stressful if you have the money to pay them.

9.  I like blogging much more when I’m not trying to accomplish something like a regular posting schedule.

I’m having a productive, rainy Monday. How is your day going?

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  1. I just LOVE Joann!!! I have a big cabinet full of fabric too. LOL! LOVE LOVE sewing!

    • I am working with some fabric I bought at least 4 years ago. Every time I would go to do something with it, I couldn’t decide what. Now I’ve got two dresses in the works for the girls and a pair of matching pants for my boy. And I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂

      • I finally tore out some silk I’ve been just sitting on for like 3 months (which is nothing compared to your 4 years). I’m finally going to make this top. Naturally, you’ll see pix of it on FB. LOL!

        • I look forward to it! I have yet to work with silky fabrics (or stretchy ones) after a couple bad experiences when I first started sewing. I want a serger so badly, to make leggings and such. I probably just need to figure out how to make my machine do it, lol.

  2. Oh vicki, I tried so hard to make my machine do it. Zig zag on the edge, straight stitch just in from it. …it made things frey faster. Loll! That serger is the best thing I’ve bought in a while. I got mine on craigs list for $80a and its fabulou! Id soooooonever check there beforethen shellin out hundredsat of $$it on aa new one.

  3. That made no sense. My phone added words. Ill try again from home computer later. Just ignore prior post.

  4. Sorry…. Probably over it now but I said I’d try again from home. Even if it’s 4 days later. LOL! I got my serger on Criagslist for $80 and I love it. If you’re in the market for one I’d certainly check there before paying 2,3 or even 4 hundered on one. I’ll never look at sewing the same though. Now that I have one I can’t imagine my stitching world without it. So much so that we named her “Sarah the Serger.” I know, nerd.

    • Lol, no worries. I never think to look on Craigslist, I will keep my eye out for a serger now though. I’ve wanted one for a long, long time, I think 2012 will be the year I finally get one, lol. 🙂