A is for Airplane Week 2 – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

It’s Thursday, which means another round of Alphabet Activities for All Ages! This is week 2 for A is for Airplane. As I promised last week, I have some updates and new things for you! But first, did you see Becky’s post last week on how she keeps all her alphabet learning supplies organized?

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A is for Airplane Recap

We enjoyed the books from the library. My personal favorite was Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! by Patricia Hubbell. It’s a fun, rhyming book. My toddler liked the book, too!

My 5th grader’s favorite was Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman by Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kroeger. She read it out loud to me and then again to her siblings. It’s an inspiring story and we were amazed at how far Bessie walked to achieve her dream of being “somebody.”

Reading about Bessie Coleman

As far as activities go, we didn’t do the one I thought would be the most appealing to the kids as a group. My 4th grade son did enjoy making paper planes on his own, though. I think the girls were just “over it.”

They did enjoy drawing airplanes, as you can see:

Airplane drawings by my kiddos!

Airplane Sensory Bin

You may remember that I am pretty new to sensory bins. I want to include sensory bins regularly in our alphabet learning though. This week’s bin was sort of two parts. First I took my bin and added some cotton ball clouds and then put the airplanes from the In The Sky Toob I bought on Amazon. And voila! I had the perfect little ammunition for my toddler to throw around the room. Cotton balls fly well.

Airplane Sensory Bin fun

The second part of our sensory experience was intended to use in the sensory bin with the planes, but that didn’t really work out logistically with five kids wanting to play at once. So the 4 year old got the tub, the older kids got large serving platters, and the toddler got a smaller, deeper plate on his high chair tray once he realized there was fun happening without him. We made cloud dough!

Cloud dough fun!

Overall, we enjoyed learning about the different pilots and we loved the silly stories like Airplanes and Angela’s Airplane. We can’t wait for the next round of books! First, I have a free printable for you!


Airplane Memory Matching Game Printable

We haven’t had the chance to play with this yet because I honestly forgot about making it! But I will print two copies of this on cardstock and then laminate it. We’ll use it for basic memory and matching games. You could print this out more than twice and do patterns, too.

You can download your , too. (The download does not have the X watermark on it.)

Next week, we will be talking the letter B! Sign up to get my posts in your email so you don’t miss it. I am excited about this theme and think my kids will love it, too.

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