Affiliate Program Tracking Pages for Bloggers {free printable}

Before I get started I would like to take a moment to thank everyone reading this. This is my 200th post here and I would not still be here if it weren’t for my fantabulous readers. So thank you for that.

Free printable affiliate program tracking pages for bloggers.

Last week, I told you what affiliate links are. This week, I have something for the bloggers among us. You see, I have this one inch binder where I track all my blog related business. And since I use affiliate links on my blog, I needed a place to track all my affiliate related information.

Some of the programs I use are part of an affiliate network where I have one login and password for many programs. For example, in one affiliate network, I am a part of Zulily, Signing Time, Answers in Genesis, and Shutterfly affiliate programs. Other affiliate programs are run individually. Teach Them Diligently is an individual affiliate program, for example.

Can you see how this could get confusing for a blogger? So I created some printable tracking pages for my blog. As soon as I replace my printer, I’ll print them. Remember how I told you about my ink woes? Well now the printer is refusing to load paper right. Sometimes 4-year-olds are like that, you know?

Affiliate Network Tracking Page

This is the page I will use to track what affiliate programs are in what network.

Track what affiliate program is in which network with this free printable from the @vicki_arnold blog.

Download the Affiliate Network Tracking Page.

Affiliate Program Tracking Page

I will be printing out 20 or so of these. I will be using them like an address book, putting my affiliate programs in alphabetical order. This is why there is a little gray box in the upper right corner. I will be putting the letters there. If you don’t have as many affiliate programs, you can simply use the gray box for numbering the pages if you add more than one, but not 20.

Keep track of your affiliate program login information and other details with this free printable for bloggers.

Download the Affiliate Program Tracking Page.

Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

If you are interested in making money with your blog, I have a Pinterest board you may be interested in following. Actually, I have a whole series of blogging boards. I have boards for graphic design tips, blog memes and link-ups, content writing, planner printables, branding, and more. Be sure to check out all my Pinterest boards to follow the ones that interest you.

Click on the image below to see my Blogging: Making Money Pinterest board.

Blogging: Making Money - my Pinterest board for articles related to making money with your blog. Like affiliate marketing and selling ads.

Do you have any blogging questions?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these!

    • You’re welcome! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, your comment ended up in my spam folder for some reason.

  2. I was just thinking I needed a way to track this for myself and was thinking of making a printable for myself! Now I will just use yours! 😉 Thanks for saving me the work! 😉