August 3 in 30 – Week 3

So you may have noticed I don’t do a weekly update here on my 3 in 30 goals. I mean to, but life happens. I’m sure you all understand. 😉 Here is a quick update on where my goals for August stand so far:

1.  Return to my daily prayer and Bible time.

I haven’t achieved daily status yet, but I’m significantly up from the last two months. So there’s that. I was doing better with this before this week when another cough/cold hit me and the kids. I’m so very ready for this stuff to leave my family.

2.  Get my two homeschool co-op class lesson plans finalized.

Ahem. The only thing I managed to do with this one is to get the books out. I did rule out one book that I thought I was going to use, but that is about it. I didn’t want to put this off until last minute, which is why it is a goal, so I am going to get this one knocked out this last week. I have three weeks from Tuesday until class starts. Finishing two weeks ahead would be nice.

3.  Get three frugal posts researched, written, photographed and published.

I’m thinking this one may not be met. I did choose the topics from my list and start some rough draft outlines. I still need to find some statistics and links, get some photographs, actually write the articles and publish them. We’ll see. Goal #2 takes priority here. As does the little bit of catching up we have to do for the schoolwork we missed last week.

All in all, not great progress, BUT the most important goal I had (#1) is making decent progress. So there’s that.

How are your goals coming this month?

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