Daffodil Bokeh




Baby Goats

Our goat Daisy had triplets this morning, two boys and a girl.





And just for giggles, here is a picture of Heart, Thomas and Cinderella. Thomas and Cinderella are five weeks old now. They are about half the size of their mama, who is on the small side.

Heart, Thomas and Cinderella

We now have seven goats, nine hens, one rooster, two ducks, two dogs, one bunny and one, possibly two, cats. Oh, and Allie and Ollie (the call ducks) seem to be nesting. So far there is one egg in their perfect little nest.

Ah, welcome, Spring!


All Things New



We are fast approaching farm status here on the acre of land God blessed us with.  Above are Heart’s kids, Thomas and Cinderella.  Daisy is due any day.  We bought a bunny this past weekend, Honey Bunny.  The call ducks seem to be a little broody.  The chickens are doing their thing, we have a blue egger now.  Ever see a blue egg?  I’ll show you sometime.

I think our male cat has run off, leaving us with just Joy.  Maggie is freshly de-wormed (nasty) and I think Izzy may be a pig.  She has gained about 20 pounds since we got her.

Garden 2010 is underway!  Seeds are started, soon to be moved to our new greenhouse.  Carrots, red romaine lettuce, gold rush lettuce, spinach, red onions, yellow onions, green bunching onions, radishes, beets and turnips are all in the ground.  We should be harvesting our first fruits as early as April 22!  The radishes take 25-30 days to mature, that is about as fast as it gets in the garden world.



The Beauty of Today

Today is one of those March days that make you realize you’re going to make it through winter after all.  Well, at least here in SE Indiana, it is.  I have some friends who live in Florida, I’m thinking that winter’s a little different there.  I’ve been itching to do some shooting searching for the beauty amidst the mud after the gorgeous snow melted.  Today did not disappoint.

First Intentional Blooms

Tender Caretaker


Hello, Sunshine!

First Blooms...

Friends Forever and Ever

I think this sunshine and I can be BFF’s forever and ever. As long as she sticks around for a while, I can only handle so much stringing along.

Wishing beauty for your day,

Allow Me to Shed Some Light on the Situation


Life has been busy, some good, some ridiculous.  I’ve written many posts in the past two months…in my head.  I’ve looked at my life, lost my focus, re-focused and moved on.  We are working on some DIY home projects before the garden season kicks into gear.  Mostly, I’ve thought a lot about my role in life.  I’ll probably share more detail, but right now, I’m just letting you know that I’m here.  Pressing in, pressing on.



Playing Favorites

I’m enjoying the Project 365.  I did miss this past Tuesday, but picked right back up on Wednesday.  I thought I’d add a day, but I intend to continue you this project and newly created habit next year so that would be pointless.  Since this is about creating new habits and making changes, the important thing is that I keep on truckin’, right?  That’s what I’m telling myself.  Here are some favorite shots from the past week.




You can see the rest on my Flickr stream.



Project Change

I know it is so cliche to make resolutions or promises to yourself on how you will change this time of year. So, I have decided to give 2010 a theme. I have decided that 2010 will be a Year of Change. I have so many things I have been putting off until some later date. I want to jump in all at once, but I am restraining myself. That is change in and of itself. I have a handy little plan and intend to work that plan.

I feel I am finally in a place where change is possible. This past year freed me from diaper duty and my children are entering new stages of independence. They no longer need me

It’s bittersweet.

Since my life is no longer focused on diaper duty and managing young toddlers, I am realizing that if I organize myself better, there is great potential in my days. THAT is exciting. The organizing myself better, not so much.

The biggest change I need to make this year is regarding discipline. I need to acquire some. Enter Project 365. I won’t be posting here everyday, nor will I be uploading, but I am committing to getting my camera out and taking at least one picture everyday until next New Year’s Day. My first picture, ironically because I didn’t realize it until today, is also about discipline.


Meet Izzy. She is my new baby. I got her from the local shelter on Saturday. She is about 6 months old, we think.

Yeah, God kind of snuck this one in on me. I’ve been wanting a smallish dog of my very own to have inside.

We perused Craigslist, but I decided that I wanted a shelter dog, they break my heart and I always want to take them all home when I see them. This time I got to help just a little. I can’t even tell you how much I love this dog and I am SO NOT A DOG PERSON!

I’ve always liked cats because they are there to pet when you want, but they mostly keep to themselves. Then we had a few inside ones and I decided that while inside cats are nice, their litter boxes suck. We now have outside cats.

So, back to Izzy. I realized that she fits perfectly into this crazy acquire discipline thing. Bottom line, I don’t like cleaning up animal poop or pee. If I don’t discipline myself to take her out, I will do just that for a very long time. So every hour, Izzy and I bundle up and take the trek to the potty spot outside.

Picture #2 shows just how well she fits in around here.


It also demonstrates our need for another couch in the basement.


And that is today’s picture. Sums it all up.




Stirring - Something more...

Where do I begin? I don’t know if it is the book I’m reading, the time of year or what next year brings, but I’m feeling rather reflective these days. I feel a stirring in me for more.

And at the same time, I feel something pulling me and a feeling of not wanting more. Wanting more of Him, but fearing change and simply wanting to stay where I am.

Every where I turn, I am being inspired to be better, to grow, to reach out and press in to Him. But my mind knows what that means. It means a little more of my fleshly self needs to die.

I hear His voice calling me and feel torn.

I want to run into His arms and follow His plan for my life, but a part of me doesn’t want to give up my comforts. I never considered myself one scared of change, but at this time in my life, I find myself clinging to familiar comforts.

Next year brings the 10th anniversary of my high school graduation and my 28th birthday. I have come so far from the girl I was back then, but in so many ways, I am the same.

And I’m not satisfied.

Years ago I was a creative being. I would sit in my parent’s basement and paint or sew things for other people. I relished spending hours doing my favorite 750 piece puzzle. I know, I was a wild teenager.

Things have changed and that is life.

I can no longer sit and spend consecutive hours on a puzzle and that is ok. But somewhere along the way, my creative self has been buried. I’m guessing it is buried under all the “stuff” that I have accumulated. I’ve come to realize that, for the most part, my life is spent managing our “stuff.”

And it is suffocating me.

I get caught up in one area, only to find myself staring at another mountain. However, it is not all bad. Through this mess I have created and the side-trips of life, I am re-finding pieces of myself. And a new love.


Ah, photography, how I love thee. I have always been a picture person. I get that honestly, my Mom has gobs of pictures from us growing up. I am enjoying that tradition with my own children. And like my Mom, it’s not the studio pics that I cherish the most.

It’s the real life pictures. The moments life is happening that you happen to catch on film (or jpegs these days), not the moments where you stop life to get a picture.

I realize I was on a dead end path before. You know the one where you are trying to prove something to everyone, seeking the validation of money, flattery or approval? That one.

It’s been a rough nine months since I ended my last blog, I’ve come face-to-face with the bad choices I’ve made and had some hard times, physically and emotionally. My body has spoken loud and clear that I can’t go on feeding it crap and not moving like I was designed to.

My eyes have been opened to how precious my time is. And somewhere in the distance, I am starting to see that notion that my worth is not held in anyone’s eyes but His and He LOVES me.

I am at a point where that thought overwhelms my heart and brings me to fall-on-your-face worship. The point where I am realizing just how much I need Him and praying that I remember to cling to that not just when I’m at my rock bottom.

So this time, there are no false pretenses, this blog is about me. Me finding myself.

Not the kind of finding myself that involves abandoning the life that I have created or those that I love in the name of “self-discovery” or “happiness.” The kind of finding myself that stretches me beyond my comfort zone and growing the gifts and dreams that God has placed in me to make me the best person I can be. The best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that I can be.

I have spent the last 10 years wrapped up in myself. In all the wrong ways. I made time for the silly, unimportant things and found myself too pressed for time to do what is vital.

But now I’m stepping out of my box. I am seeking His will for my life. I am looking for the dreams He placed in my heart long ago and I’m amazed at what I’m finding. I’m amazed where He is connecting the dots. He is stirring a passion in me that is like that of my teen years, but so much MORE.

Maybe that’s the summation of this, I’m finding that He is so much MORE than I can even imagine. And I want MORE. More of Him and this life He created for me.