Awesome Affiliate Sale Alert #1

Awesome affiliate sales alert #1 - children's clothes

Awesome Affiliate Sales Alert!

I am excited to start a new feature here on the blog. Just about every family I know loves saving money. We may occasionally dream about the day when we don’t need to watch our pennies so closely, but then the laughter of our bank accounts then reminds us that we need to return to reality.

Or is it just me?

I’m not making any promises about the regularity of these posts because, frankly I don’t know when these deals will be good enough for me to dedicate the time it takes to put a post together and then make sure you all see it. Things like algorithms and other nonsense make it difficult to make sure you all see my posts.

So if you are particularly interested in these alerts, be sure to sign up to get blog posts directly in your email box. The sign up form is on the top right of the blog. Over there —>

Well, maybe I lied. I will make you this promise, I will not be writing these more than once a week. Even that is kind of iffy. I’m not interested in turning this blog into one big advertisement, that does not fit with the purpose of the blog.

This feature will, however, help support the costs of this blog and, maybe one day, our homeschool budget. If you are wondering how that works, I wrote a post explaining affiliate links (which are what I will be using in these posts).

How’s that for an introduction? Without further ado, here are the two sales that prompted me to go ahead and start this idea I had rolling around in my head…


Gymboree is having a FANTASTIC sale through this weekend. You can save 30% off regularly priced items and 40% off already reduced priced items! Sale ends 9/2/12.

We are headed into Gymboree shopping season for me. They run awesome holiday sales and it is typically the only time of the year I shop there. I am a clearance rack queen! Bonus points for when I have a coupon to stack on top of the sales.

Crazy 8

$12.99 & Under Crazy 8 Sale! This is one of my favorite sales! Everything in the store is $12.99 or less. This includes shoes, jackets, and the other items that tend to run pricier. I couldn’t find an end date on the site, but I’m guessing that it is 9/2/13 for Labor Day.


Zulily is a special deal site. Companies run limited inventory sales that range from good to awesome. Typically the sales run for 3 days.

Currently there are a lot of back to school sales for clothes, shoes, and learning resources.

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