B is for Bird – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

B is for Bird - a book list and free printable for Alphabet Activities for All Ages at Vicki-Arnold.com

Hello! Did you miss me last week? I missed me last week…did I just make this awkward? Well, last week Becky talked about how real life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. And that is exactly what happened to me. But it is a new week and we are just going to roll with it.

B is for Bird

The last two weeks with this letter have mostly been books. We have been super busy and the most I could manage was to get “read two bird books” onto the kids portion of our whiteboard daily to do list. See?

You know what cracks me up about that photo? I took it last Friday, fully planning to get that B post written and posted a day late. And now you know my secret to a happy life…learn to laugh at yourself. Seriously.

So now you know why I don’t have a great list of activities for you…we didn’t do any. OH WAIT! We did do some bird watching out our frozen windows. The birds were snuggled into the viburnum outside my bedroom window because it was COLD, with a capital C-O-L-D, here. So they didn’t fly off as we walked up. I felt sorry for them, but they were so fun to study like that.

B is for Bird Book List

Again, the Dewey decimal call number is listed after the book’s title and author in, parentheses and bold texted.

Bird Picture Books

Bird Houses & Feeders

Bird Reference Books

Birding Magazines

We even grabbed a couple bird magazines: Bird Watching and Birds & Blooms. These were fun additions.

Story Books About Birds

These aren’t “educational” so to speak, but they are fun stories about birds.

B is for Bird Coloring Page

I made this fun coloring page with a graphic from Prettygrafik. I also have some fun birdie valentines coming for you tomorrow!

B is for Bird coloring page from Vicki-Arnold.comDownload your B is for Bird coloring page now!

See you next week for more Alphabet Activities for All Ages!

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