Baby Wipes Aren’t Just For Babies

Growing up, my Mom always carried a package of baby wipes in our vehicles. This was LONG after any of us kids were in diapers, though she obviously carried them with her when we were in diapers, too. When I was approached about a sponsored post for the Huggies “Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*” campaign, it felt like a good fit. Huggies wipes have been a part of my life for a very long time.

Baby Wipes Are Not Just for Babies!

My own children are out of diapers. Even my baby is now potty trained. He decided at 2 1/2 years that he was going to use the potty and that was that. Easiest of the 4, which was a bit bittersweet, but mostly awesome. I thoroughly enjoy not totingĀ a diaper bag around with us anymore, but that often means we are without the ever handy baby wipes.

Then I had the ingenious idea to put one of the Huggies baby wipes packages right next to our toddler’s car seat. This works for a couple reasons:

  • The package actually fits nicely between the armrest of the car seat and the seat bottom (which we keep covered with a towel to protect it from wear from the bottom of the car seat).
  • The biggest need we have for wipes in the car sits in that seat. Ahem.

On any given car trip, these are the mess “emergencies” that I hear about from the back seat:

  • His hands are sticky because he’s been playing with his gum.
  • His hands are messy because squishing crackers surprisingly makes crumbs.
  • Some kind sibling gave him a piece of candy, which ended up all over his hands and face.
  • His hands are “berry, berry” sticky for some mysterious reason and he is reaching out to touch a sibling. This is usually a loud emergency that comes in the form of “DON’T touch me, Oliver!” and squeals of laughter as Oliver reaches as far as he possibly can.
  • HIS CUP CONDENSATED AND HE GOT HIS HANDS WET! (Yes, this constitutes an all-caps emergency to our resident threenager.)
  • Occasionally, there is actual dirt that ends up on his hands, that usually gets wiped on his shirt because, you know, no big deal…

So, yes, we are now keeping a package of baby wipes right by his seat. I’m realizing now that we are also going to need to put a trash bag by his seat or I’m going to have baby wipes all over the floor. If it’s not one thing, it is another, isn’t it?

Have Baby Wipes, Will Travel...With Kids!

Huggies Wipes – Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*

You can find a variety of sizes and decorative packages at Walmart. Huggies brand is the only wipes brand with Triple Clean layers. We have found Huggies fragrance free wipes to be gentle enough for all four of our children’s skin.

For more ways to use Huggies Wipes, be sure to check out the 101 Uses of Huggies Wipes video on the Walmart website.

Do you keep a package of baby wipes with you in the car?

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