Beginner Sewing Resources For Adults

My top posts here on the blog are consistently the sewing tutorial round-ups. People seem to love these, but I noticed a lot of comments about learning to sew from those sharing and commenting on the posts, and in emails.

I taught a hand sewing class at our homeschool co-op a few years ago and the book I used for that could actually be used for any age. It is called Sewing School, they have a second one called Sewing School 2 that is for beginning sewing machine work. The books are written to make sewing more accessible to kids, but beginner adults can use them. It would especially be a good fit for those wanting to learn to sew alongside their children.

But if you are looking for something more specifically designed for adults, the resources I’ve gathered here are just for you. These are beginner sewing resources for adults.

Sewing Resources for Adult Beginners - Learn to sew!

Beginner Sewing Resources for Adults

The internet can be such a wonderful place when you are looking to learn something new. People everywhere are sharing their gifts and talents with others and it is quite an awesome thing. We are going to start with something a bit more tangible though.


As wonderful as the internet is, there is still a lot to be said for a physical book. It is why I spend so much time reading and putting together book lists on various subjects here. Here are five beginner sewing books for adults:


For the YouTube section here, I chose to focus on specific tutorials and projects instead of general channels. You can browse around and find LOTS of tutorials for just about anything. This is great for those who need to see something being done for it to make sense.

Sewing Basics

I found a couple good series for getting started on with sewing. The great things about these series? They are free!

Simple Projects

That’s it for today. The best advice I have for anyone wanting to learn to sew? Just do it. You will learn by doing and you will make a lot of mistakes. That is why the seam ripper was invented. You will be the best of frenemies with it. Just like I am.

But in all seriousness, I hope you find something on this list of beginner sewing resources for adults that gets you started. Sewing is fun and a great life skill to have. Give it a try!

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