The Biggest Thing I Struggle With as a Mother

If you sign up for my email list, you will get a welcome email where I ask the question “what is the biggest thing you struggle with as a mom?” I ask because if I can help, I want to. It’s what we moms do. We help each other, am I right?

I thought it was only fair that I answer the question myself because I value transparency and honesty and all that jazz.

The biggest thing I struggle with as a mom is follow through. I am a dreamer, a planner, and a goal setter. I love the big picture and ALL THE POSSIBILITY!! IT’S SO MUCH FUN! The follow through? Yeah, not usually as much fun.

I’ve grown a lot in this area over the years and am currently in another season of really working on it. Another word for it is self-discipline. It happens to be a fruit of the Spirit (temperance) and the one that I seem most resistant to God’s will for. But He is faithful and hasn’t left me in my mess, for which I am so thankful.

Right now I am working on having a consistent time of bible reading with my kids. We call it our 8:30 appointment for no secret reasons. We all gather on the couches with our bibles at 8:30. We read a chapter or two of the bible and then pray. It’s simple and that is the reason I am cautiously optimistic about long-term success.

Another area of my mom life that was such a struggle for me in regards to follow through has always been laundry. IT NEVER ENDS. I used to get so frustrated by this, but eventually (as in earlier this year because I’m basically perfect…), I stopped. Now it just needs to be done and I find odd satisfaction in seeing the laundry baskets under control most of the time.

So that has been my biggest struggle as a mom. Follow through. Or self-discipline. Whatevs.

What is your biggest mom struggle?

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