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As I was perusing the library looking for books to go with our letter of the week, I came across the juvenile biographies section. I decided to see what there was for the letter C, hoping to find someone that had something to do with cats.

As I was looking, I realized what a great selection of biographies there was for the letter C. I didn’t want my kids to miss them simply because they didn’t fit with our chosen C theme of cats.

So, I decided to bring them home anyways. And now I am sharing them with you, along with a printable biography worksheet that you can use with your elementary students. I have kept it basic/generic enough to be able to use with any biography.

Biographies for the Letter C

Biography Printable

You can use this with any biography. It is geared for elementary students, like my kids.

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  1. Bless you!! This is just what I was looking for. !!!