Bleaching Goats

I wonder what kind of search results I will get from that title.

As we returned home from an impromptu shopping trip (went for chicken, $100 later grocery shopping for the week was finished), I heard a couple of our goats bleating in the barn. The girls and I went to check on them. They were fine, just annoyed by their environment. We gave them a little hay, loved on them a bit and headed out of the barn.

We carried some groceries in the house and as we came back out, we could hear them again. To which this cutie –


stated with a dramatic sigh, “Oh great, she’s bleaching again.”

I had not heard the goat yet and was confused, “Huh?”

“She’s bleaching again.” Eyeroll added for emphasis this time.

I hear the goat, “Oooh, the goat!”

“Yeah.” (Insert “duh, mom” look)

“She’s bleating, sweetheart, and it’s ok.”

“Oh, ok.” And off she skips.

I love my little jumpin’ jelly bean.

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have a new word for 2012, which I’ll share soon.

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