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Another Monday. I’ve decided I like Mondays. They have become the days I depend on. I can rest on my weekends, enjoy friends and family, knowing that Monday will bring a new day to tackle the ever-present to do list. I’ve come to accept that I will never truly complete any to do list because they are never complete, never a whole picture of what I have to do.

But I do love lists. I’ve said it before. I love organizing a plan of attack, more so than the actually doing of the attack at times. I love checking things off lists. Laundry, check. Dishes, check. My little visuals that I just “did it.”

I’ve passed on this love for checking off lists. I looked over to see my oldest writing her own the other night. Her list? Bedroom, check. Bed, check. Bedtime, no check.

Some more blessings from my life:

120.  Clean kitchen.

121.  No laundry pile. (This is a great, big, huge accomplishment for me.)

122.  Quiet time in the evening.

123.  Strategizing.

124.  Breakfast talks with my girls.

125.  Excitement on my girl’s face.

126.  Another tooth lost!

127.  Puppies, sweet puppies.

128.  Planning a Thanksgiving meal. (which was loads of fun)

129.  Reaching a decision.

130.  Guidance on executing decisions.

131.  Refreshing my spirit in His word.

132.  Roosters crowing.

133.  Children learning new skills.


134.  Sewing Christmas gifts.

135.  Constant re-evaluation of my life in seasons.

136.  Admitting I have no idea what I’m doing.

137.  Even if it is only to myself.

138.  Realizing I do not have to know what I’m doing.

139.  Knowing the One who knows all!

140.  Timely reminders of what’s important.

141.  Articles that inspire me to dig deeper in the trenches of parenting.

142.  Finally seeing that relationship is the root of it all.

143.  Being ok with what is.

144.  Knowing it won’t always be this way.

145.  Being grateful that I can change myself.

146.  Well, not completely by myself.

147.  Being tremendously grateful for the compassion my Savior has with me.


148.  Getting to be the mama of these beautiful beings.

149.  Cuddles from 4 1/2 year olds.

150.  Trying times when 4 1/2 year olds are being 4 1/2 year olds.

151.  Opportunities to practice patience.

152.  Forgiveness for losing patience.

153.  Sweet, soft head of hair tucked under my chin.

154.  Little thumbsuckers.

155.  Dingy blankets, a precious always-there friend. Blankie.

156.  Hearing what goes on in a 4 1/2 year old’s mind.

157.  Being thankful she didn’t cut ALL of her hair.

158.  Sweet, all-over-my-face kisses from tiny lips.

159.  Seeing the humor of a child who can not potty in anything but an empty potty.

160.  Children who throw ice cubes on the back porch “So the outside will stay cold and the snow won’t melt.”

I am counting my blessings as inspired by Ann Voskamp and link my Gratitude posts to her Multitude Monday post.  You can see others in their gratitude journey via her blog.

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Everyday, ordinary blessings to you, Vicki

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