Building the Ultimate Lego Library: Books for Girls!

Lego books for girls, the next part of the Building the Ultimate Lego Library series at

Not all the Lego fans around this house are male. My girls and I also love Legos. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see actual PURPLE bricks at the Lego Store in Nashville. Purple is my all-time favorite color!

The Lego Friends line was introduced in 2012 and I am hoping that it has been a money-maker for them. Why? It’s business. Products that bring money get made and expanded upon.

Personally, I would LOVE to see the selection grow. My girls are huge fans of the Lego Friends line. Lego was blessed with quite a bit of my daughters’ money when they found this line. And then again when parents and grandparents bought birthday and Christmas presents. So, um yeah…more Lego Friends stuff, please!

Disclosure time: I do use affiliate links in this post.

Do you see the PURPLE bricks in that set?! (click for a larger pic at the Lego site)

Ok, I’ll move on to the Lego Friends items for your Ultimate Lego Library now.

Lego Friends Readers

Lego Friends Chapter Books

Lego Friends Activity Books

So that is all I could find available for this year. There are a couple books to be released in January 2014, which is a good sign. I will update this post as I find more resources. If you spot one, be sure to let me know!

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  1. We also love Lego Friends with 3 girls. It’s the only think the Dad really enjoys playing with them. I’m also glad that there are so many books with more to come. There’s even a short movie (with another coming in January). I think Lego Friends will continue to go on strong.