Building the Ultimate Lego Library: Instruction Books

Building the Ultimate Lego Library: Instruction books! Books for your builder to create from beginner to advanced levels. From

Welcome back to my series, Building the Ultimate Lego Library! This week we are covering Instruction Books. It wasn’t too long ago my son found a few books at the library with building instructions for Lego building bricks. He was hooked and asked me to help him find more. Being a good Mom, of course, I said yes.

Side note: If you are looking for a good way to keep those instruction booklets from Lego building sets in good shape, please check out my friend Becky’s post on preserving your Lego booklets.

And now presenting, the disclosure! I use affiliate links on this blog. Not every link is an affiliate link (like the link to my friend Becky’s post), but some are and I am required to tell you that. So I am. Affiliate links cost you nothing and help support this blog. For more information, check out my affiliate link explanation post.

On with the list!

These were hard to classify because skill level isn’t as easy to pinpoint as with the readers. I will start with a handful of easier building books and then follow with the rest of the list of books that are available (some are available for pre-orders right now). Finally, I am listing advanced instruction books for those who want to take their Lego building to the next level.

If you have trouble finding some of the older books, check your local library.

Lego Building Instruction Books for Beginners

Lego Building Instruction Books

Advanced Lego Building Instruction Books

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