Building the Ultimate Lego Library: Lego Readers

We are a house of Lego lovers. My son has started a collection of Lego books that I don’t see ending anytime soon. When I started looking for more, I did not realize just how many Lego BOOKS there are out there. And since I love putting together reference list type posts…ta da! New post series.

I have put together this resource so anyone can build an ultimate Lego library. Over the next several weeks, we will be covering just about every Lego resource you can think of. We are starting with Lego Readers. I will cover Lego Chapter Books in another post.

Building the Ultimate LEGO Library! - Readers from pre-level 1 through level 4! Newly updated list!

Building the Ultimate Lego Library

I have separated these out based on series. If there is a level indicated for the book, I’ve included it. If you are looking for Lego Friends readers, those are in the Lego books for girls post.

This post is one huge list of affiliate links. What are affiliate links?

Lego Readers

These do not belong to specific Lego book series or there was only one or two books for the series.

The Lego Movie Readers

Lego City Readers

You can also purchase a boxed set of Lego City Readers (would make a great gift):

Lego DC Super Heroes Readers

Lego Ninjago Readers

Lego Kingdoms & Knight’s Kingdom Readers

Lego Hero Factory Readers

Lego Legends of Chima Readers

Lego Star Wars Readers

Lego Monster Fighters Readers

If you want to build your own Lego library or are simply looking for a good gift for a Lego lover that isn’t another set (though they usually love those just fine 😉 ), there is a list of readers to get you started. Next week, we will be talking chapter books.

Building the Ultimate Lego Library series. First post is a list of Lego readers.

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  1. Becky Marie says

    I had no idea there were Lego readers! My boys will love these. Thanks for a great list!

    • Your welcome! My son loves Lego books, he’s read many of the readers over and over again. They are fun. 🙂

  2. we just recently found a few at our local library. I am definitely going to order a few for my son for his birthday! Thanks for this great list!

    • We check them out from the library all the time! When we can find them, that is. They seem to be pretty popular. My son loves them.