Can Anyone Point Me to the Nearest Black Hole?

My children crack me up. They are also growing up way, way too fast. This post is another from my previous blogs. Those of you who know Julia will remember the toddler in this story well. Those of you who don’t know her will wish you did. Seriously, the girl is one of the most awesome people in my life. Her current homeschool assignment is to solve the horrid condition of children growing up too fast. She’s smart, we should have a cure soon.

As I read this, I remember the scene vividly. This is why I’m reprinting these. So I do not lose these precious memories.


This story illustrates my oldest’s personality very well. Yep, another flashback.

My oldest daughter is four and a half years old. She is a very smart girl, well mannered and silly. I love her to pieces. However, the girl “loses” and “can’t find” things more than anyone I’ve ever met. She also has selective sight.

Sometimes I think she might have magical powers. She will have a cup in her hand (usually full of milk) and two seconds later, we can’t find it anywhere in the house. A few days pass and we stumble on the missing cup (now full of curdled milk, very ewww). She still mostly uses a cup with a lid, just for reference purposes.

That said, the funniest of moments came at lunch the other day.

I told the kids to find their cups and have a seat. Julia hops in her seat and starts eating. She looks at me and said, “I’m thirsty.”

I said, “Well, get your cup.”

Not moving an inch, she says, “I can’t find it.’

“Well, then, you’ll be thirsty.”

Now comes a little whine, quickly stopped by a Mommy look. “Look around and see if you can find your cup. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the kitchen.”

My four year old drama queen proceeds to fling her arm around and say, “Oh, it is? Where?”

She looks under the table, “Is it down here?”

She looks at her brother (quietly drinking out of his cup). She looks at her baby sister in the high chair. She looks at me, “I don’t see it.”

“Ok, another hint. It’s on the table.”

Her face lights up, she flings that arm again, still doesn’t see the cup.

At this point, I am laughing and finally point to the cup. The cup that was sitting directly in front of her the whole time. Dangerously, I might add, since she almost knocked it over twice with that dramatically flailing arm.

Originally posted July 18, 2007 :: Originally re-posted September 6, 2008

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