Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love Instagram Challenge

Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love Instagram Challenge

Why an Instagram challenge?

We live in a world with cameras at our fingertips. Everything from actual cameras to iPods, tablets, and cell phones all have cameras. This means it has never been more easy to take a photo of something you want to remember.


Except that it is so easy to miss those opportunities if you are anything like me. I have an awesome camera and my iPhone takes pretty good pics, too, but I often don’t think to get the camera out until I am thinking “Oh, that would have made a great photo.” Sigh.

Every year I choose a One Word theme for my year’s focus. This year, my One Word is Intentional. I’ll explain more on that in a post later. The part that matters right now is that I want to be more intentional about capturing the memories of my children’s childhood, my life with my husband, and the people and things that matter to me…and to them.

Enter the Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love Instagram Challenge. A year-long project to encourage you to look for the good things in your life today and CAPTURE them for tomorrow.

How the Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love Instagram Challenge Works

If you have never participated in an Instagram Challenge before, here is how it works:

  • You sign up for the Capturing Life, Laughter, and Love email list.
  • Once a month, I will send you the prompts for the next month.
  • Every day you choose to participate, you post a photo that corresponds with the day’s challenge and use the hashtag #capturinglifelaughterlove in the photos description on Instagram.

There are 20 Bloggers who are hosting this challenge and have come together for the purpose of helping our readers use a tool they already use, their phones, in order to slow down and capture the things that will one day be cherished memories for ourselves and our children using the popular Instagram network.

To participate, you will need to subscribe to receive the monthly challenges – prompts for your daily photos!  You can do that at the bottom of this page.

This year long challenge of 2015 isn’t just about capturing the moments that matter to you, but a focus to grow a community of people who are learning to capture the importance things TODAY as a memory for TOMORROW.  Our hashtag says it all #capturinglifelaughterlove – isn’t that what it is all about?

Each month, you will be getting an email from me, so be sure you have me in your address book ( to be sure it doesn’t end up in your other folders that you don’t look at often.

The only thing for you to do at this point is just follow along the challenges as faithfully as you can or desire and ALWAYS use #capturinglifelaughterlove when posting, so our growing community can enjoy one another and learn how others are using Instagram for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration…

Our 20 Bloggers have come together to offer each of our subscribers a FREE ebook… 20 Tips for Improving Your Instagram Photos! Once it is completed, subscribers will get it in their inboxes! We hope to have this to you no later than early February!

20 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos

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Please note – If you prefer to keep your captured memories to yourself and those who follow you – that is fine, too. Our goal is to get you help you in capturing memories for years to come. If that is your desire, just leave off the hashtag and start clicking through the daily props that are delivered with each monthly challenge.