Counting Blessings is Important


Did you happen to notice that I actually posted three times last week? Three times, at this rate, I’ll be finished with my post quota for 2011 before the month is out. I’m such an over-achiever. Ha.

I’m perfectly happy being a middle-achiever.

I hope you are finding joy in your everyday. I am.

161.  Children who can dress themselves for snow play.

162.  Making my children laugh. (Is there a better sound to a mother’s ears than her children laughing?)

163.  Warm fires to sit by and be lulled to sleep.

164.  Sleep that comes sweetly at 2 a.m.

165.  Waking up in the morning.

166.  Sweet faces peering at my bedside.

167.  Bagels with cream cheese.

168.  Hungry 6 year old boys.

169.  Music about my Savior’s birth.

170.  Children into storytelling in a BIG way.

171.  Remembering to smile and care when all three share the same story in their own words.


172.  Being able to choose between tending a fire and running the heat.

173.  Especially when I have to play catch up.

174.  Having a house to retrieve from chaos.

175.  Children on their way back to health.

176.  Evenings with friends.

177.  Evenings with friends that have the parents laughing and making more noise than the nine kids in the house.

178.  Evenings with my husband, playing Rummikub.

179.  Quiet winter evenings.

180.  The excitement of the anticipation of more snow.


181.  A new year.

182.  Quick car trips to pick up things.

183.  Being able to stick to our choice to not shop at the local WM Supercenter.

184.  Being able to do #183 without breaking the budget for needed items.

185.  Choices about where to spend our money.

186.  Conviction.

187.  Random holiday items at 50% off.

That brings us to my most recent gratitude journal entries. This week I am purposing to find beauty in the everyday with my camera and to rejoice in this life my God has so graciously blessed me with. I hope you will join me.


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  1. Hi Vicki,
    You have an awesome list of gifts here! I was checking out your “LIST” the separate page one and wow that’s intimidating! I haven’t even made myself list a 100 things I would like do this year! You go girl!

  2. Thanks! It was so intimidating to create. Now I’m working on checking things off. I need to update, I’ve gotten quite a few checked off.


  1. […] Monday I said I was purposing to find the beauty in everyday with my camera for the week. I’m happy to say that I actually remembered to do that a few different days. […]