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Crafts Kids Can Make to Give As Gifts Book List |

We love to make gifts here. Every year I always say that we will get an early start and make lots of gifts. This year is no different in that regard. My kids are getting older and are able to handle more intricate crafting.

Being the dutiful Mom, I pulled some books together for them (and a few extras) the last time I was at the library alone. These are books with projects kids can create to give as gifts to the special people in their life.

Fabric Paper Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch With Friends by Kristen Sutcliffe – Projects for wearing and for decorating.

Loom Band It: 60 Rubber Band Projects for the Budding Loomineer by Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars-Powell – These popular little bands make jewelry and the cutest little charms.

Super Simple Magnets: Fun and Easy-to-Make Crafts for Kids by Karen Latchana Kenney – A wide variety of designs in this book.

Fun and Funky Knits: Over 20 Simple Knit Stitch Projects – For the newer knitter, there is a how-to section at the front for those who might want to try something new, too.

Rev-o-LOOM-tion: A Modern Kids Guide to Rocking Rubber Bands by Liz Hum – Step-by-step photos for each project. The difficulties are Easy-Peasy (just learning), Rockin’ Rainbows (ready for more complicated patterns), and LOOM-a-tic (advanced). There is a mustache one that I think a lot kids would like.

Cool Crafts with Old Jeans by Carol Sirrine – Wearable, practical, and decorative gift options. Perfect for upcycling old jeans.

Cool Crafts with Newspapers, Magazines, and Junk Mail by Jen Jones – Not all of them would be gift ideas, but most of them are. Some really fun projects.

Cool Crafts with Old T-Shirts by Carol Sirrine – Not all of the projects require sewing, but the ones that do are pretty simple.

This post is the first in a series of posts called Crafty Christmas. More crafting fun posts coming soon!

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