Crossroads of Character by Kate Boyer Brown & Marilyn Boyer {a review}

Crossroads of Character {a review} + giveaway

Crossroads of Character: Learning to Make Wise Choices

Crossroads of Character: Learning to Make Wise Choices by Kate Boyer Brown and Marilyn Boyer is the book I am reviewing today. I received a copy of this picture book free so that I could read it and share my all-important opinion with you lovely people. Just kidding on the all-important part, but not the lovely part. And don’t forget that I use affiliate links on this blog, though not all links are affiliate links. Moving on now…

Crossroads of Character: Learning to Make Wise Choices is a picture book written by the mother and daughter team of Kate Boyer Brown and Marilyn Boyer. The Boyer’s family ministry is called The Learning Parent and they produce a character training curriculum called Character Concepts. This book is part of Level One of the curriculum, geared for ages 4-6. You can buy this book individually or as part of the complete curriculum set.

Crossroads of Character Content

Everyone loves a little alliteration, right? Oh, that’s just me? Ah well. Crossroads of Character covers obedience, patience, honesty, gratefulness, respectfulness, responsibility, initiative, diligence, kindness, self-control, contentment, and deference (sharing) with fun little stories about the Boyer grandchildren. Each concept has a definition and Bible verse to go with it. The stories have cute photos of the grandkids that add visual interest to the story.

Character Concepts Prices and Other Products

Crossroads of Character costs $15.95 for the book individually. There are two packages for the complete preschool curriculum, which run $89.95 and $155. Aside from the preschool curriculum, they also have 8 other levels for you to check out.

In addition to the Character Concepts curriculum, they have parenting and homeschooling books, history for patriots resources, and scripture memorization helps. You can see everything they offer in their online store.

Be sure to visit the Character Concepts website and connect with them on Facebook to keep up with the ministry.

What Our Family Thought of Crossroads of Character

We loved the photos of the grandkids playing and working. I especially loved the photos that went with obedience, super cute. I think the stories work very well for the age group recommended. When my kids were that little, and even now, they loved to hear stories about other kids their age. It makes concepts real, especially for my son who is rather literal and needs to see value in why he is learning something. Stories like this make that connection for him.

My 10-year-old daughter said she loved the stories and how they listened to their parents and grandparents. She was also rather intrigued by the fact that granddaughter Lauren looks a LOT like her toddler photos, particularly on page 8. Fun stuff.

One thing I would like to see is a table of contents so I can find the page for a certain character concept at a glance. Of course, the book isn’t that long so I can see why it wasn’t deemed necessary.


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  1. We really need some Character development in our home, this product looks great!

  2. We need to work one serving others. Having a good attitude when we are serving. We would love to use this book.

    • I feel like I’m always telling the kids to work with a happy heart. Makes me really think about how I model this and obviously need to improve. πŸ™‚

  3. Monica Street says

    Obedience for my kids, patience for me and my husband πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. This looks like a great curriculum! We can definitely use some character work around our house. Hmmmm, patience and self-control sound like good ones……okay, well actually we could use some work on ALL of them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Corissa Ruggiero says

    Love this!

  6. Would love to know what advice is in these books!

  7. We are always working on obedience here. My six year old is at the stage of testing to see exactly how far he can get away with things.

  8. We work on obedience every day. It would be nice to have some fresh ideas!

  9. Obedience is our focus right now. I could definitely use more ideas.


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