Dinner Tonight (Mostly GAPS Legal)


Our mostly GAPS legal dinner from tonight.


Side salad. This is where the mostly legal comes in. Feta and ranch dressing are not GAPS legal. Everything else is, as far as I understand. Frankly, giving up this feta cheese will be a far fetch for me. This stuff is awesome. It is a sheep’s milk feta we found at Costco. Scrumptious.


Butternut squash latkes. These were delicious. I loved them warm with lot of salt, but hubby said they were even better completely cooled.


This was a combination of homemade and store bought applesauce. The apples I got at our local orchard were so small and a pain to mess with, so I just cooked what I had the patience to peel and chop (just toss in a pot with a sprinkle of salt to draw out moisture, stir occasionally until soft). Then I tossed in a jar of unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon and voila, chunky applesauce.

Overall, a winner of a dinner.

If you want to learn about the GAPS diet, I have a few boards on Pinterest that you can check out:

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