DIY Ladybug Bunting – Simple Craft Project

If I had to sum my crafting style up in just one word, it would be simple. I love to create, but long projects are just not in my realm of realistic these days. I much prefer the crafts I can complete in one or two sittings than those I have to get out and put away multiple times.

This little DIY ladybug bunting fits that bill very well. In fact, I came up with the idea, worked out the details, actually made the bunting, and took pictures of it in less than two hours. My kind of project.

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

DIY Ladybug Bunting

To make your own ladybug bunting, you will need:

  • felt – red with black polka dot, black, and cream or white
  • baker’s twine
  • hand sewing needle – I used a size 18/22

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

  1. Cut a strip of each felt. I used these approximate widths for my strips – 2 1/2″ (red and black polka dot), 1 3/4″ (black), and 1 12/” (cream).
  2. Cut triangles out of your strips. I used 28 total triangles for my bunting – 9 red and black polka dot, 9 cream, and 10 black.
  3. Thread your needle with the twine.
  4. String your triangles together with a running stitch. You will want at least 2 stitches in each triangle. The nice thing about using a larger needle and felt is that you can just string them on one end and pull the triangles down the line with ease. Note: When you use a felt with a pattern on one side, make sure you are consistent with which side faces you as you stitch.
  5. After you have strung all your triangles, tie a knot at your last triangle corner and do one last stitch. Be sure to leave a tail (8″ is great).
  6. Straighten your triangles. Space them however close you want them and make sure they are facing the correct direction.
  7. Cut the string 8″ from the other end of your bunting. Tie a knot at the last triangle and stitch one last stitch on that end. These secure your first and last triangle from sliding off your string.
  8. Hang your bunting or wrap it up and give it as a gift!

Enjoy your DIY ladybug bunting!

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

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