Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door

The entry points in our house always seem to collect so much stuff, both inside and outside. Things that aren’t supposed to be brought in like muddy boots and large rocks and sticks are dropped right outside the door. The rest is carried in and then dropped on the floor a few feet in the door.

It’s a constant clutter battle. Unless you give up. Then it’s just a mess. That only flies for so long…because it drives me insane to look at (and trip over). At least, the stuff on the inside does…

Our house has two main points of entry, a front door and a back door. We have no mud room, nor do we enter through a garage. So the things outside the front door are on our front porch. It’s a bit embarrassing.


Our sad, cluttered front door. | Vicki-Arnold.com

There’s more clutter to the left…but no picture of that mess. Use your imagination.

Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door

Your definition may vary, but I came up with a sample of ways to spruce up your front door that were either cheap, quick, or both.

  1. Declutter – Throw broken things away, put misplaced items where they belong, and purge items that do belong, but you no longer need.
  2. Deep clean – It amazes me how dirty a door can get. Giving it a good scrub, shaking off any rugs, and sweeping the floor can make a HUGE difference. Especially if you have any white in the area.
  3. Paint – Paint is relatively cheap, particularly if you can find a “mis-tint” can at the store. A local to us store has $5 gallons of paint that was not just exactly what a previous customer wanted. Super cheap way to spruce up your front door if you can find the right color and style of paint.
  4. Replace – Has your door mat seen better days? Replace it with something new that you love. Still have old holiday decorations up? Replace them with the next holiday, or with seasonal ones.
  5. Try something new – Add a new container of flowers or make a fun new wreath to hang on your door.

For more ideas on ways to spruce up your front door, check out my Front Door Decorations Pinterest board.

Remember my front door? Well, I gave a few of these a shot. I was impressed with how much a difference decluttering and sweeping up up made:

Our front door, decluttered | Vicki-Arnold.com

But that was too plain for me. So I decided we needed some fresh fun containers to spruce it up a bit more. Never mind that I more often than not kill anything I grow in containers. That’s what I have kids for, right? I smell a new chore…just kidding…sort of.

Planting a Container Flower Garden

Yes, I did just say container flower garden. I talk a lot about gardening around here, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever really clarified that gardening isn’t just gardening in the ground. It can be as simple as growing some plants in a container or two. Really.

Planting a container garden is pretty simple. You pick some good plants, find a container big enough for the plants you chose, and enough dirt to fill said container. Then plant. A couple tips to help:

  • Make sure your container has drainage holes. You need those to keep from drowning your plants.
  • Put some gravel or rocks in the bottom of larger containers to save on potting soil (don’t short your plants though, they do need more dirt than what they come with) and to give the container weight if it is plastic.

Drilling drainage holes in a container for planting. | Vicki-Arnold.com

For my plants, I was so excited to be able to partner with Monrovia, who sponsored this post, to help get the word out about their plants. You can find Monrovia plants at your local nursery, if they don’t have what you need in stock, you can order from the website and have it shipped to the nursery!

I was fortunate to find a few great plants at our local home improvement store. There were a few different options that I just loved:

Monrovia plants at the local store | Vicki-Arnold.com

Unfortunately, I did not have enough containers to bring them home. Le sigh. 😉 So I chose a few favorites that I thought would coordinate well with our orange door and the containers I chose. Or at least not clash terribly.

The Monrovia plants I chose were:

  • Reiman Clematis
  • Tiny Orange Sensation Asiatic Lily
  • SuperTrouper Magenta + White Dianthus

I also picked up some store brand filler plants to round out the containers.

My favorite thing about flowers is the wildlife they attract. It may seem like a bad idea, but we actually want to attract bees to our yard. They are pollinators and in grave danger. So any time we can help them out, we do.

Butterflies are also attracted to flowers. These make kids of all ages pretty happy.

Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com

Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com

I enlisted the help of my super awesome husband and we got to planting our containers.

Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com


Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com

Monrovia Reiman Clematis with SuperTrouper Magenta + White Dianthus

Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com

Monrovia Tiny Orange Sensation Asiatic Lily (I can’t wait for this to bloom!)

Monrovia plants | Vicki-Arnold.com

Monrovia SuperTrouper Magenta + White Dianthus

And just like that, my front door looks SO much better! I love the clean look of no clutter and the pop of color the flowers bring to our front porch.

Our front door all spruced up | Vicki-Arnold.com

I hope this gave you some help if you were looking for ways to spruce up your front door. It can make such a difference!

Be sure to check out Monrovia plants to see if there is something that will fit in your garden plans!

Dianthus bloom - Vicki-Arnold.com

A gorgeous dianthus bloom.

Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Door | Vicki-Arnold.com

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