Fall Fashion with Meijer

Meijer Fall Fashion Look - #MeijerStyle

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that I aim for transparency here on the blog because I have no interest in contributing ammo to that inner guilt monologue many of us struggle with. This is why I considered naming this post The Most Awkward Fashion Post Ever.

Why? Well, I have a confession to make that will probably not shock you, but I must share. I am not a fashionista. Whew, now that’s out there, I feel no different. Ah well, what can you do?

Seeing as I am not a fashionista, it makes no sense that I actually signed on with Meijer for their Fall Fashion Look campaign, right? Or does it?

You see, I may be a woman who spends most of her time at home and out of the eye of the public, but I do occasionally like to wear nice clothes. And by nice clothes, I mean clothes that were not picked for practicality purposes. Sometimes I just want to feel pretty, dang it. The fact that I am a walking napkin for a toddler be danged!

And, I’ll be 100% honest here and say that lately I’ve had more “busted can of biscuits” days than “I feel pretty” days. Bet you never thought you would see a fashion post with busted can of biscuits in it, did you?

And right about now, Meijer is thinking, “What the heck did we do when we agreed to let her participate?” So I should get to the point here.

I am a homeschool mom with a budget that has very little time to shop for anything that is not groceries, kid’s stuff, or homeschool related. This leaves my wardrobe pretty, um, consistent? Meaning I rarely add anything new to it.

So when Meijer offered me a gift card in exchange for some shopping in their store and a post about their fall fashions, I jumped. Shopping for me? Yes, please.

Before I tell you what I bought, let me share a little about why Meijer has this fashion campaign going on in the first place.

Meijer Fall Fashion #MeijerStyle

Meijer has a new special website for their fashion department called Meijer Style where you can find their fall look book. They currently have a special event going on where you can win a $100 Meijer gift card (five winners!). For all the details, check out the contest’s page on their website.

Now on to the clothes and my observations.

First, I do not have a picture of me in them, but I am currently wearing a pair of the leggings pictured above and they are really comfortable. They just did not work for the outfit I ended up creating so, no picture.

I was impressed with the selection Meijer had. If you are a trendy sort, their boots and jewelry might surprise you, particularly when it comes to cost.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of many of the items I picked up. Like the leggings. They were $10, regular price. The weekend I shopped, they were on sale for $8. Definitely more affordable than than the last pair I purchased on clearance elsewhere back in the winter.

If you are modesty conscious, you may also be pleasantly surprised. I saw many modest selections, including cute skirts, longer/looser fitting shirts, and the above mentioned leggings (for under skirts 😉 ).

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for…my outfit.

Meijer Fall Fashion Look - #MeijerStyle

I found a shirt and necklace that I really liked. I was looking for something different than my usual black or gray. I love wearing black, but I have missed wearing color as I’ve gained some weight and no longer feel comfortable in a few of my favorite shirts.

I paired them with a skirt that I already had (though I almost bought like 5 when I was shopping, seriously great prices in the clearance section…). I also bought a black cotton camisole to go underneath the shirt because, I’m never going to participate in the see through clothes trend. Ever.

I will probably end up either wearing the leggings under this, wearing one of my longer skirts, or pairing it with a pair of dark jeans as the weather really cools down. For now though, it works.

Here is another shot of the shirt:

Meijer Fall Fashion Look - #MeijerStyle

I would like to thank Meijer for the gift card and allowing this non-fashionista, homeschool mama a chance to participate in their Fall Fashion Look campaign. Be sure to check out Meijer’s Fall clothing selection the next time you are in to pick up some groceries.

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  1. They have some great stuff! I wonder if we have any Meijer’s around here, I’ve never heard of them. You look super cute in your outfit! 🙂

    • Oh, bless your heart! Having my picture taken is not one of my favorite things. Thank you for your compliment, you made me cry. 🙂

  2. Adorable outfit and super flattering! I too am a homeschooling mama with VERY little clothing. I had a nasty insulin rise after baby #3 and gained 40 lbs! Uugh. I really hate fashion right about now but you have given me pause…I think I might have to sneak away to Meijer (which I visit 2 or 3 times a week anyway) because that outfit truly is rockin’. I am kinda excited to see what I might find! Thanks for sharing and being honest! Your true beauty really shines through! Blessings to you!