Finding Value in Organization & Time Management

How do I teach organization and time management skils when I have neither? Part one: finding the value (5 day series)

Today I’m starting a series called How Do I Teach Organization & Time Management Skills…When I Have Neither? Each day this week, I will be breaking this down and sharing some ideas to encourage you in these two areas.

I will be honest with you, these are the areas I struggle with most in my homemaking, homeschooling, and life living. Well, I can do organized. It’s the maintenance that is the hard part for that one. Time management was/is a little harder for me. I have had some victory in this area, thanks to God.

One more thing, I’m not God. I don’t know your heart or thoughts. I simply write from my perspective trusting that God will use the words how He sees fit. If my words do not resonate with you, that’s fine. I do not write for everyone because, well, that is impossible.

The Heart of the Matter

It really comes down to how you look at it. I am a stubborn, selfish person by nature. I like to do what I want, when I want. This worked just fine for me until I realized this does not work when you have three example followers (AKA kids) living with you.

Can I just take a moment to tell you that “do as I say, not as I do” is not an effective parenting model. Unless you are wanting to train your children to not listen to the words coming out of your mouth. Then, by all means, run with it.

This is why the very first thing you need to do, is change your view of organization and time management skills. Easier said than done, right?

How Do You See It?

Let’s ask ourselves this. When I look at someone who is organized and usually on time, what is my first reaction? Am I happy for that person? Do I mock their efforts with sarcastic comments (aloud or in my head)?

Why? Typically, we react this way because we are jealous or feel guilty. Never a good place to react from.

So let’s try this next question on for size. Why is that other person organized and usually on time?

The answer is simple, really. They prioritize organization and time management because they see value in those skills.

Whether You Know It or Not

You have priorities. We all live our lives based on what is a priority to us. When our priorities are working for us, we call them goals. When they don’t, we call them bad habits.

Think about it. Do you eat? Why? Because fueling your body is a priority. Without eating food and drinking water, you die. Therefore, it must place somewhere on your priority list daily.

Poor organization and time management skills probably are not going to kill you, but they do make your life much more hectic feeling and stressful than it needs to be. And that can actually have a negative effect on your health. So they are more important than I want to give them credit.

Another way to look at it. If you could change something in your life to make it run more smoothly, is that valuable? I think so.

Tomorrow, we will be looking at some baby steps to point you in the right direction, on time. 😉 See you then!

Psst, I’m not the only one doing a five day series this week, check out the other bloggers to see what they are talking about this week.

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  1. Oh my you are spot on with this advice. Kids watch us like little sponges and because of them we fix a lot of our own challenges. Besides, they remind us when we slip up, lol!

    • Oh yes, they will! It is encouraging and frustrating at times. It motivates me to always work on doing better, but frustrates me when the trickle down effect takes too long, lol!

  2. Oh Amen! I am HORRIBLE at time management. I am a PROFESSIONAL at procrastination and I’ve discovered that I like to wear that badge with pride…something that DEFINITELY needs addressed. I look forward to reading your series this week!

    • Haha, I had to laugh at your comment. I can relate to you on so many levels. I hope you find the rest of the series encouraging and helpful!

  3. I am terrible with keeping any sort of routine as is my entire family. It is built into us to just do what we feel like when we feel like it, and it makes things really tough some days. Time management is definitely a goal this year!

  4. Ooh, I am stubborn too and totally agree that having two kids around makes me a little more conscious to the examples I am setting. Looking forward to reading your posts in the series! 🙂

  5. You could have been writing this blog about me. LOL
    I would love some semblance of routine in this house, but asking me to follow a routine is like asking a butterfly to fly in a straight line.
    But, I do need to start organising things better because it just creates the wrong atmosphere to homeschool in and I need to be setting an example. Like someone said to me recently, I can’t expect my children to behave better than I do, the same is with organisation/cleanliness etc. I can’t expect them to be organised and tidy when I’m not.
    I look forward to reading the next few entries and hoping a lightbulb will go off and start a chain reaction.


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