Flowers for My Mama





Last year I took two photos of my Mom’s daffodils. Then that night a storm came through and the daffodils were no more. They remain two of my favorite shots and I’ve wanted to get some more.

This past weekend I noticed Mom’s daffodils had bloomed, this year rather profusely. Again storms were predicted so I made the point to go take some photos. This year I was shooting with my 50mm 1.8, aka the Nifty Fifty.


I’m mostly shooting manual these days! These were all shot manual with only one adjustment in Photoshop Elements before resizing/adding text! I’m feeling pretty comfortable with manual. I’m still working on the manual focusing. I’m only focusing manual, except in action shots, so I’m slowly getting better. Probably due to the sheer number of photos I take to make sure I get a clear shot.

So, Mom, here are your daffodils. If I knew how to ship them and have them remain viable, I’d do it. Unfortunately, I do not. I love you.

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  1. oh vicki you made my day!…those bulbs were planted over 20 years ago!…to see them now is wonderful….thank you…..i love you….mom

  2. There is a LOT of them this year! Love you!