Fluff of the Month Review: GroVia Cloth All-In-One Diaper

GroVia cloth all-in-one cloth diaper review

Our 19-month-old is our fourth child, but the first we have cloth diapered. I really don’t remember why I decided to go with cloth this time, but I was determined to try it after reading all about it on the natural mothering blogs I was reading.

See? The reason I write about not feeling guilty when reading blogs and am adamant about being transparent in my blogging, is because I AM a blog reader, too. Back to the fluff…

There is a plethora of choices when it comes to cloth diapers. From big name companies to work at home moms sewing at naptime, you can find cloth diapers in just about any color or pattern. Prices range a bit, too.

I decided to start a fluff of the month review feature to break down the options. I will also share how we cloth diaper and other informational type posts periodically. If you have a question or a suggestion for what you would like to see/read about first or if there is a cloth diaper you would like to see reviewed, please tell me!

And just FYI, we don’t cloth diaper exclusively at this point, more on that another time…

GroVia provided me with a cloth all-in-one diaper so I could provide you with my honest review, so….I am happy to present the first official Fluff of the Month Review!

GroVia Cloth All-In-One Diaper Details

GroVia has a couple diapering options, a hybrid and an all-in-one. The all-in-one comes with the absorbent layer stitched right into the diaper. This type of diaper is the closest thing to a disposable you can get.

The GroVia cloth all-in-one has a thermal-laminated outer layer and an organic cotton inner layer. The leg elastic is enclosed and snug enough to keep messes in, but not be too tight. GroVia’s diapers also have the rise snaps that allow for a grow-with-me fit for babies from 10 pounds to toddlers around 35 pounds.

In the process of writing this post, I was all over the GroVia website and learned that 20 billion disposable diapers are thrown away each year…in the US alone. With a decomposition rate estimated at about 500 years (they haven’t been around that long), that is significant.

Also worth mentioning is the chemical load (no pun intended) in those diapers that sits in our ground…which our drinking water filters through…ew.

What’s in a GroVia cloth diaper? I’ll let them tell you….

“We think that a diaper is only as good as the materials it contains. That’s why we don’t cut corners in the process we use to find our components. The industry’s only certified organic cotton. Extremely durable snaps. Solvent- and formaldehyde-free waterproofing. And all of our products are ethically-manufactured to boot.”

GroVia diapers are designed to have a trim fit and come in a variety of prints and colors.

My GroVia Cloth All-In-One Review

These cloth diapers do have a trimmer fit than other all-in-ones, I do like that. Our little guy has less of the “cloth diaper booty” when he wears the GroVia than even some of the pocket diapers we have.

I love the prints. I LOVE that the inner is organic cotton. I like that it comes with a second “doubler” insert that snaps right on to the one that is already in the diaper. Actually, I haven’t use the diaper without it. It has held up great in the wash over the last couple months.

The GroVia cloth all-in-one runs about $24 per diaper. This is a little more than other cloth diapers, but on par with other ORGANIC, all-in-one cloth diapers.

There are a couple issues I had worth mentioning.

The way the snaps are designed took some getting used to. With most cloth diapers, the wings come up over the front, just like a disposable. With the GroVia, they go under. It was awkward to put on the first few times. I actually like the look of this better, but the functionality took some getting used to.

The only other issue that I have is that since the inner layer is cotton, I have to be more mindful about the diaper because the moisture isn’t “wicked” away from baby’s skin. If this was the only diaper I was using, I could see there being an issue with the wetness for some skin types.

I go back and forth with this because to me, it is worth the extra “effort” to pay attention to their bottom verses having a synthetic (polyester) lining next to baby’s skin. But I am also a busy mom.

Overall, I really like the diaper and can see myself adding more to our collection. You can buy directly from GroVia or even Amazon.

So tell me, have you ever tried GroVia’s cloth diapers?

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