Food Ideas for a Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Has Frozen fever left your house? For the most part, it has at ours. At its peak, our little guy wanted to watch it every single day. And he got to more often than I would like to admit. I really liked the movie, too. So many funny quips in that one.

When it came time to have our little guy’s 3rd birthday, it was very clear that he would LOVE an Olaf themed birthday. He wasn’t into Anna and Elsa so much as he was Olaf and Sven. If you look for birthday items in a Frozen theme, there is very little Olaf and Sven.

So I improvised and came up with some food ideas and my good friend Claire made him an Olaf cake. His big sister made him cupcakes and decorated them with the party colors (green, blue, and white). He was over the moon.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party

Food Ideas for a Frozen Themed Birthday Party

You will notice that I did very little actual cooking for this party. That was very intentional. I had very little time to spare in that season. You will also notice the abundance of sugar at this party. There were a LOT of people and plus, sugar is my jam. Let’s get on with things.

1. In the first photo, you will notice that we had Snowballs and Kristoff’s Mountain Climbing Ropes. The (edible) Snowballs were powdered sugar donut holes. The climbing ropes were the pull and peel Twizzlers, which we pulled and wound into little rope bundles.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Coronation Dip

2. Coronation Dip is a super simple dip I love to make because it is delicious. A brick of cream cheese, a small jar of Old English Cheese spread, and a sprinkle of garlic powder are warmed up and then stirred until combined well. Then we tear up bagels (plain and everything are both great choices) and dip them in the dip. Easy peasy.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Sandwiches

3. We Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches! Bless this movie for having something so simple in their movie to pull from. These were basic lunch meat sandwiches that I put together and cut into triangle wedges. It was easy and delicious.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Hot Glogg

4. Hot Glogg was apple cider that I poured into a slow cooker and turned on keep warm for an hour before the party and left on. Again, super easy.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Olaf Arms

5. Olaf Arms – Ok, so some kids won’t find this funny, but our little guy thought it was hilarious. No Olafs were harmed at this party, those are pretzel sticks. I opened a bag and poured them in the bowl. It was strenuous, I tell you.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Salad Plates

6. Who Knew We Owned (almost) 8,000 Salad Plates?! One of my favorite lines from the movie. Not really sure why, just makes me chuckle. It was the perfect phrase for our appetizer plates.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - String Cheese Olafs

7. String Cheese Olafs. Some of these looked more Olaf-y than others, but they still made my little guy giggle. I used black, brown, and yellow Sharpies to draw on the string cheese. It was a bit more difficult than expected because they started condensating and the Sharpies didn’t work so well then.

My daughter drew the ones that have the full Olaf on them. She misunderstood my directions, but they came out cute!

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party - Sven's Carrots

8. You can’t forget Sven’s Carrots! Just some baby carrots chilling in my Pampered Chef veggie server that I just adore, but I don’t think they make any more. Boo.

Also on this tray were Snow Covered Trees, but I didn’t get a good picture of those. It was just some broccoli and ranch dressing, if you must know my secrets.

9. We also had some brownies that we cut up and put on a plate with the card reading “I Wanna Stuff Some Chocolate In My Face!” because that moment is one that just HAD to be documented at the party. It was the moment I felt a bond with a Disney princess for the very first time in my life. #girlaftermyownheart

That picture turned out blurry so I couldn’t show you. A few others that we had with blurry photos:

10. Rollie Trollies – These were meatballs I put in our other slow cooker with a sauce I found through Pinterest. I didn’t keep the link, but they were super easy. Like bbq sauce and jelly easy.

11. Fresh Scandanavian Water – I put this label on our homemade Berkey water filter where every gets water.

12. Kristoff’s Ice – This went on our ice maker for those who wanted ice.

To make the little table tents, I simply typed up the different labels in my word processor and printed them. Then I cut them up and glued them to some cardstock that I then cut up and folded in half. Whew, that is exhausting, isn’t it?

See, a super cute themed birthday party doesn’t have to be terrible complicated. Just get a bit creative and pull things out of a favorite movie and then try to match it to some easy ideas. Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself.

Food Ideas for a Frozen Theme Party

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