Free How to Draw Tutorials

This free how to draw tutorials round-up post is the most popular post on the blog. I believe this is because art is one of those subjects that seems to intimidate a lot of homeschool moms. Or they simply feel inadequate to teach art. A hands-on art class is a fantastic tool, but if you can’t afford it or fit it into your schedule, the internet can certainly help.

One recommendation before jumping into the free tutorials. If you haven’t heard about See The Light art DVDs, those are a fantastic resource as well. I reviewed one of the classes previously, so you can read my review of the Pointillism class to get a better idea of what they are.

This post will be part of a series that I will put together over time. This post will focus on DRAWING tutorials. Look for more art tutorial round-ups soon. Currently in the works are more drawing tutorial round-ups, painting, and great YouTube channels to help your student grow in their artistic skill.

How to Draw Tutorials

There is no shortage of how to draw tutorials on the internet. I’ve started with a list of the most common tutorials people often look for and will add to the list with some themed followup posts.

How to Draw People

Drawing people is one of the most intimidating subjects for most budding artists. The following how to draw tutorials hope to reduce that intimidation.

How to Draw Animals

Animals are fun for a lot of new artists. You can choose to draw a cartoon version or a realistic version. These how to draw tutorials offer a mix of those styles.

How to Draw Flowers

If you have a particularly artsy budding artist, starting with these how to draw tutorials for flowers is a good idea.

How to Draw Other Objects

That’s it for today’s list. I’ve updated all the links and added several more, bringing the total to over 50 how to draw tutorials. Look for more soon!

For more arty goodness, check out my Homeschool :: Art Pinterest board!

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