Fun Science for Kids Using Candy

Fun Science for Kids Using Candy -

I’ve said it before, I’m not an activities mom. My kids get to do a lot of fun things, I’m just not the best at arranging them in a nice orderly fashion. I’ve made some steps to get out of my box with this because I want to show my kids that stepping out of your box can be a good thing.

One thing my kids really like is science experiments. Another thing they really like is candy. We always seem to have an (over)abundance of the stuff around our house. I love the idea of turning it into a learning experience instead of eating it.

I set out to create a resource list that I could refer back to as needed. If you haven’t noticed, this is where a lot of my blog posts come from. So, let’s get started!

Fun Science for Kids Using Candy

Skittles Candy Science Experiment – Super simple with only two ingredients needed.

Rock Candy Science Experiment – This is a classic candy science experiment.

What Do Ants Like to Eat? – Ok, technically, this isn’t a candy experiment, but I would include candy in it.

Lollipop Lab – Flavor Mixing Experiment – Interesting experiment that has potential for other activities, too.

Marshmallow Science Experiment – Marshmallows count as candy in my book.

Hot Chocolate Surprise Experiment – I’m not sure I could pull off this one on my kids as a surprise because of the smell of the one ingredient, but it sounds like a fun one to try.

Gummy Worm Science – This one will be quite the sensory experience.

Sink or Swim Candy Experiment – An easy one to do with whatever you have on hand.

What Makes Popping Candy Pop? – Who doesn’t love the excitement of Pop Rocks?!

Candy Cane Science Experiment – Another easy one that would be great for a holiday experiment.

Valentine Candy Science: Candy Heart Reactions – Another great seasonal fun experiment.

Balloon Experiments with Candy – Have you heard of the mentos experiments? This is similar, but a bit less messy.

Candy Corn Catapults – Paired with Legos, this could be endless fun for my boys.

Balancing with M&M’s – One of our favorites around here.

Exploding Peep Geysers – I’ll need to find a microwave to borrow for this one, but so cool!

Candy Chromatography – A great way to get some fine motor skill practice in, too.

Dissolving Gobstoppers – Similar to the skittles experiment, but there’s a little more to this one.

Glossy Skittle Paint – This is more of an art project, but the process of making the paint is science-y.

Candy Clay – Super fun idea! Possible gift giving potential, too.

Dissolving Candy Pumpkins – There are lots of options if you want to dissolve candy apparently.

Fizzing Candy Canes – Who knew candy canes could be so educational?

Gummy Bear Science Experiment – See what different solutions do to a gummy bear.

Make a Candy Spine – This would be a great addition to a study on the human body!

I also found a book on Amazon that would be great additions to holiday gift lists! It is called Candy Experiments. I saw a few other kits, but none of them had very high reviews so be careful about that. I also found a Candy Science board on Pinterest that has some fun stuff.

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