Gifts My Tween Daughters Would Both Love to Receive (a Gift Guide)

Gift ideas for tween girls (gifts my 7 & 11 year old daughters would both love)

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Here and now, I am bringing you…

Gifts My Tween Daughters Would Both Love to Receive

My tween daughters (did I just use tween in reference to my daughters?!) are 7.5 and 11 years old. This list covers a wide variety on purpose. Not every tween girl is the same. Their interests will vary. What I have aimed for is a list of ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing to find the perfect gift for the tween girl on your list.

There is a wide price range because no two budgets are the same. Also, I am using affiliate links. Let’s get to it!



My girls love dolls, specifically 18″ dolls right now. There are a few options available for 18″ dolls. We have both the Madame Alexander and American Girl dolls. Both are loved equally in this house. Some specific ideas:

Lego Friends

The Lego Friends line is a big hit with my girls. You can find a set in just about every budget. If you have a reader, there are Lego Friends books available, too.


My girls are avid readers. They like books almost as much as their mama. They like series books, stand alones, picture books, graphic novels, mystery, and, of course, American Girl books. I’ll share a few of their favorites.

Clothing & Accessories

My girls are girls through and through. They love dressing up in pretty clothes. Taste can be a tricky thing when buying for a tween, here are a few ideas and why I suggest them.

  • Boots – Most girls love boots and most girls I know don’t have enough budget to buy “enough” (yes, I know). Cute boots speak to a girl.
  • Hair Pretties – We’re partial to Lilla Rose accessories, but Etsy has a great assortment of bobbie pins, hair clips, and headbands, too. These can be mixed and matched to fit just about anyone’s style.
  • JewelryEarrings are great for tweens with pierced ears, or you could go with a necklace. Again, I recommend checking out Etsy.

Arts & Crafts Supplies

My daughters and their friends love to create. I intend to encourage this as long as possible. Hopefully, the tween on your list has an interest or hobby that doesn’t include a screen. Here are a couple ideas that work for just about anyone:

  • Papercrafting – Handmade cards, scrapbooks, journals, and smash books (don’t ask me) are all popular ways to craft with paper. Supplies for this: blank cards, cardstock, fun and fancy papers, ribbons and trims, shaped paper punches, glitters, and stickers. You can find these things at Michael’s, Joann’s, or even Amazon.
  • Jewelry MakingRainbow Looms are very popular right now to make stretchy jewelry. You can also do the “old fashion” route of embroidery floss and perhaps a how-to book.

Obviously, if your tween has a specific hobby, you will want to go that route. For knitters and crocheters, you can get yarn, looms, and hooks. For sewers, you can do fabric, patterns, and notions (buttons, thread, trims).

Well, I hope that has started your creative juices flowing. Don’t be intimidated by buying for tween girls. Put some thought into what they like, maybe even ask them for ideas, and you’ll be fine.

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