Girl’s Night In

Tonight my Andrew took Gage to the local speedway to watch a variety of races, including a bus race. So my girlies and I had a small, little girl’s night. We started with a yogurt, strawberry and banana dinner to prepare our gut for the decadence that was dessert.

We ate that as we made dessert and the girls had fun being silly.

And what girl’s night is complete without a babe worth gushing over?

We finished the night by watching a cheesy Disney channel movie on Netflix and enjoying Brownie Batter Parfaits.

I found the recipe via Pinterest. It. Is. Rich. Next time I will add a little extra water to the brownie batter part to make it runnier, as it was, you couldn’t really tell the brownie batter apart from the fudgy brownies in texture. Super awesome, super not good for you, but tasted great.

All in all, a great night.

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  1. Brownie batter parfaits look yumalicious! I am sure your girls will have warm happy memories of that night.

    • Oh, they were so very good. We also added chopped strawberries, which we loved. The slight tartness of the berries helped cut the chocolatey richness just enough.