Good Reads – October 13, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.Pssst…Hey, Homeschooler, Is Your Slip Showing? :: Confessions of a Fraidy Cat – Be the salt and light we are called to be, please. Reading the comments to this post will let you know her experiences are not isolated. I’ve heard this many times in a variety of forms over the years. Another related read – Can Coupons be Used Responsibly? Both these articles address a mindset issue in our society.

My Shrinking Circle :: Sam’s Noggin – Thoughts on losing friends for following the path God has put before you. Also a related good read – As For Me and My Blog

Applesauce Spice Custard Cake {GAPS : primal : grain-free : gluten-free} :: Nourished and Nurtured – This sounds (and looks) yummy!

10 Tips for Writing Content Worthy Posts :: Educating Laytons

Are Homeschooled Kids Weird? :: Simple Homeschool -The top photo made me laugh.

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