Good Reads Saturday – December 8, 2012

Welcome to Good Reads Saturday, where I share blog posts I’ve found throughout the week. Today’s posts cover the UN treaty you may have heard about, a beautiful reflection on the importance of motherhood, signs you are glorifying yourself (not God), random acts of kindness, and a post about God’s faithfulness.

Parental Rights and the UN Treaty that Threatens Families :: Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling – Jamerrill has put together a nice post on why you should be concerned about this treaty.

A Mom’s Best Gift to Her Children :: Mom’s Mustard Seeds – Beautifully written post from Rebecca on the importance of motherhood. A good reminder to myself.

5 Signs You Glorify Self :: The Gospel Coalition – Watch out now.

22 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness :: Life by Ashley Pichea

Birds of the Air :: Bohemian Bowmans – If you are looking for inspiration about how God will provide when you obey His guidance, check out this blog. Honestly, I was not sure what to think at first. I’ve struggled with jealousy (um, and judgment) through the months as I’ve followed, but ultimately I’m finding it a good reminder that it doesn’t matter what people (I) think, God will provide how, when, and where He wants when we are obedient to His call.

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  1. Thank you for dropping by and for sharing my post – my gift to Moms. We all need a reminder to stop and focus on the beauty of being a Mom. The world wants to tell us it’s not a beautiful thing to be a Mom…that we are failures and our children will hate us. That is a horrible misconception of the most important job in the world. It’s the one job that touches every human from before birth through life…even if being Mom is through Foster care or adoption…it is beautiful and we need to truly give our children the best gift they can ever receive…. Blessings to you and again…thank you!