Good Reads Saturday – January 5, 2013

Good Reads SaturdayWhoa, totally wrote 2012 in the title. That felt weird. Ahem. On to your Good Reads for today.

Put God Back in Public Schools? :: Adam Hamilton – On one hand, I agree with him. I do not want some random teacher teaching my children about faith. On the other hand, I do not believe that you can delineate the academics from the spiritual without disastrous effects to faith. A good read on this is Ken Ham’s book Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It. Ultimately it comes down to what is being poured into our children daily, the Word of God or a curriculum that removes any mention of Him to avoid offending unbelievers. Hmm, I think I’ll stop there. Maybe I’ll continue in a post.

Redemption and Forgiveness: a Bully Tale (Part One) :: Confessions of a Fraidy Cat – Be sure to read Part Two for an awesome example of God’s grace and answered prayers.

Renewing Our Strength, Part OnePart TwoPart Three :: Homeschooling on Faith and Coffee

Desire to Inspire #16: Praying for Your Blog :: A Royal Daughter – A good read for bloggers who are Christian.

What do you think of the new Good Reads graphic? Also, be sure to check out the blog sidebar, I’ve added a couple Good Read links there, too. Some are “real” books and others are eBooks for your Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle (I currently do not), you can still download them onto your computer or a variety of other devices. Just check out Amazon’s available downloads.

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