Good Reads Saturday – November 10, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.When Food Choices ARE a Moral Issue :: Keeper of the Home – I love this. The comments are a good read, too. It is a follow up to a previous post which is also a good read – Food Choices Are Not a Moral Issue.

How I Went From “I Can’t Keep My House Clean!” to “I Got This!” and You Can Too :: Modern Alternative Mama – I needed some inspiration that this can actually happen. (Housework often leaves me feeling like a failure, remember?)

Baby-led Solids :: Modern Alternative Mama – A good read on feeding babies. A fascinating bit that I learned:

If a baby is exclusively breastfed from birth (no supplementation at all), his or her gut will close and begin to mature around 18 weeks. Solids should never be started earlier than this. In babies who are formula fed or who have been supplemented with formula on occasion, it takes even longer for the gut to mature. Using probiotics can help, although breastfeeding is best. The reason that solid foods can’t be started until the gut has closed and matured is that until this time, large, undigested proteins can get from the intestines into the bloodstream, where the body can begin to attack them as foreign invaders, creating an allergic reactions.


Spinach Peppermint Ice Cream :: Granola Mom 4 God – I’m thinking I need to try this soon.

72 Ways to Make the World a Better Place :: Daze of Adventures – A great list of simple ways you can make the world better. You can start today, with no money down!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Let me know how your ice cream tastes!