Good Reads Saturday – November 3, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.Casual (Are You Kidding Me?) Friday :: Paracletos blog – The more this is said, the better. We all need to be reminded of it. If God is speaking to you about something regarding this, please listen. One person can make a difference.

Brothers and sisters, I am quite sure that the above figures do not simply reflect the spending patterns of non-Christians. If, as the saying goes, we “vote with our pocketbooks,” what values are we voting for in this case? (By the way, if you want to brood over even scarier figures, take a look at how much has been spent on the various political campaigns since this cycle began. Is there really a shortage of money in the U.S.?)

Ten Helpful Bible Verses for Homeschooling Moms :: Classic Housewife – I’ve been study scriptures lately for encouragement and came across this post I bookmarked a while ago.

5 Things I Hate About Homeschooling (& How I Deal with Them) :: Simple Homeschool – A little more encouragement on the homeschooling front.

For When Your Days are Hard :: Not Consumed – Encouragement for anyone dealing with hard days. As a visual person, I also like her solution.

How to Identify and Use Winter Squash :: Keeper of the Home – Winter squash is available in farmer’s markets still, if you are blessed enough to have one still going on. Try some and consider growing some yourself next year. By the way, pumpkin is a winter squash you probably already know about.

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