Good Reads Saturday – September 29, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.

I Don’t Understand :: Notes from the Holler

I bring nothing to the salvation table — the marriage beween Jesus and His church. Nothing. I am helpless, unable to produce any type of work in the sight of the Holy Creator that would make me acceptable to Him or worthy of His love. I can’t provide anything that helps me along the narrow way to salvation. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to my salvation from sin


A Day in the Life: Work-At-Home Mom with 3 Kids (4.5, 3, 1, and pregnant) :: Keeper of the Home – I like posts like this one.

10 Free Math Resources :: Classic Housewife – See also her Math board on Pinterest.

Is Two Pairs of Pants Enough? :: Not Consumed –

Where I used to think that my appearance mattered, I’ve learned that the people who are interested in judging me for what I wear are the exact people that I’m better off not developing a friendship with anyway. Oh, to have learned that as a young girl. Imagine the heartache and money that I could have saved.

How to Make a Rock Necklace (or Bracelet) :: Simple Homemade

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